Silent Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens and a boy named Zach Smith. Since 1 years old they've been inseparable, the both of them would do everything with each other. Whether it was Karate, Preschool or even swimming lessons, everybody knew the both of them do everything together. But can something change between them, that no one saw coming?


1. Chapter 1: World's Meanest Guy

POV: Jamie

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens. She played sports, blinked, and breathed air. An ordinary girl, nothing special.

 *                                  *                               *

   "No! Stop Zach! RAPE!! Somebody's RAPING ME! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I screamed. Zach tickled me even more. It seemed as if the whole park was staring at us. Sorry to disappoint you guys, nobody's actually raping me. 

    "Don't worry, I wouldn't rape you even if I was forced to." Zach smirked. 

    "MEANIE!!!!" I screamed. Then, I slapped him across the face. Zach immediately stopped tickling me.

    "Oh, you are so going to die today!" Zach grinned evilly. "Oh shit," I thought. I screamed, stood up quickly and ran across the park. A bunch of mothers playing with their children stared at me, as if thinking, I was just another crazy teenager. I laughed, throwing my head back. Why not enjoy life while you're alive? You never know when you're going to die. Okay, I need to stop thinking about this kind of stuff. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms lifted me up, and I quickly realized that I wasn't on the ground anymore. I got a glimpse of messy brown hair.

    " Zach! PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!! OR I WILL TELL MY MOTHER THAT YOU..." I screamed loudly. Zach flipped me onto his shoulder, so that my head was going to slam into his back any second. After slamming my fists into his back a few hundred times, he finally put me down.

   "Thanks for being the world's best friend and trying NOT to kill me" I said sarcastically and hugged him. 

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