Other Part Of Me

When Sweet Charlotte meets badboy Zayn Malik, Will she keep her promise and never fall in love again, or will he break down her walls and steal her heart? And does it end up like always for him? Always getting his way? or will young Charlotte change more in his life then he thought? Read Other Part Of Me to find out! :) ~Zayn Malik Fan Fic~


1. Prologue

"Zayn I love you, but I can't keep doing this to my self!" "Doing what?Living?! Charlotte I love you, I just have a reputation to keep!"  "Yeah? Well just go date your reputation than!" "But Char-" "No! Good bye Zayn..."

I promised I would never fall in love again... I guess its just easier to break promises to your self, since you're the only one you're hurting.

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