Other Part Of Me

When Sweet Charlotte meets badboy Zayn Malik, Will she keep her promise and never fall in love again, or will he break down her walls and steal her heart? And does it end up like always for him? Always getting his way? or will young Charlotte change more in his life then he thought? Read Other Part Of Me to find out! :) ~Zayn Malik Fan Fic~


5. Chapter 4

I got woken up by a text message, Must be Boo I thought, So when I checked my phone, I was pretty shocked

~Unknown number: Hi beautiful, It's Zayn, wanna go out today? ;)~

Okay, what the Hell?!?!? I mean, he's hot and all, but I was NOT going out with him...

I added his number and awnsered him

C= Um,no!

Z=Oh, Come on babe, why not?

C=Well, why did you pretend not to know me, if you want to date me so bad?

Z=Well, I wanted to save you the need to explain why you were up at  3am

C=Well so were you! And it was 4am...

Z=Well, I think you owe me one...!

C=Well, I, I.. Arggggg! Fine!

Z=Alright, I'll pick you up later babe, dress nice ;)

C=Arg.. whatever...

It was a Saturday, so there was no show, so I couldn't use that as a excuse, then I remembered he hadn't told me where we were going, so I didn't know what to wear, so I sent him a text

C=Hey Zayn, were are we going? So I know what to wear...

Z= Oh, Take a bikini, we are going to the beach

C=Fine whatever, but i cant swim..

Z=Yeah okay, I'll teach you, okay? I'll pick you up in 1hr, get ready...

God, I didn't really look forward to this... -.- 


Hi you beautiful faces! Just a filler, I'll update later today! I'm sooo, sooo, super, super, sorry, It's almost my birthday, so we're planning a few trips for that, and something with a family member dying came up, so I couldn't really update, I hope to go back to my regular atleast 1 chapter a day, and if I dont i'll let you know, sorry beautiful faces! Please let me know what you think in the comments  below, and i'll update with their date later! <3 -Xx Coda


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