Don't let Marcel go

Marcel is the school geek, he gets bullied everyday. What people don't know is he is in One Direction and forced them back to school. Then what happens when Alyssa comes into the picture? He changes for her and becomes popular and forgets her. When they get into fight will she leave him? or will he come back to his old self and stop her? but the most important question of all is... if she stays and gets hurt again, will she ever trust or love again? one thing we know is Harry keeps making the same mistakes.

it is Y rated because of language


24. why are you here


Harry took a plane to america the next day and when he lands he looks the streets for her


"H-Harry? why are you here"

"well you were about to get raped so..."

"how do you know it was rape"

"you said you dont believe in sex before marriage"

"dammit" i  muttered

"why did you move"

"to get away from you"


"because Harry, i am tired of being played like some raggedy doll. i am not your toy or anyone elses so whatever gave you that idea i am freaking tired of it"

"what made you think i think of you as a toy"

"you cheated on me twice Harry"

"how did you know"

"i talked to Louis when he was on the plane and im guessing you would have never told"


"because it has been almost a year and you havent told me"

"well that doesnt mean i dont love you"

"you love me?"


"really well i find that hard to believe after you bullied me, cheated on me twice, and went on a date right after we broke up the first time"

"how would you know"

"because i was there with Justin as a friend"

"how do you know it wasnt a friendly date for me either"

"because when we got up we passed you and that girl snogging"

"jealous much"

"dick much"

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