Don't let Marcel go

Marcel is the school geek, he gets bullied everyday. What people don't know is he is in One Direction and forced them back to school. Then what happens when Alyssa comes into the picture? He changes for her and becomes popular and forgets her. When they get into fight will she leave him? or will he come back to his old self and stop her? but the most important question of all is... if she stays and gets hurt again, will she ever trust or love again? one thing we know is Harry keeps making the same mistakes.

it is Y rated because of language


23. *No name chapter*

                         Liz's P.O.V

  i was walking down the road when i came across a bar, it smelt of smoke, alcohol, and sweat. i was just passing the bar when a random stranger came up to me. "hey slut, wanna meet me in my bed?" "no." i scoffed at him. "oh your bi, i could get another girl if you want." "Okay" i said hoping when he gets another girl that i could escape. "come with me" "what no i dont want to see her yet" "no come with me" "no im not bi" i screeched  at him "how dare you lie to me you slut." i tried to get away but he had me in a strong grip. i was about to yell when he slammed his lips on to me. i didnt kiss back which made him mad. "kiss back or i will rape you right now!" he screamed at me then slammed his lips into mine again, so i had no choice but to kiss him. he took off my shirt so i hid my body because i knew what was gonna happen next. he took off my pants and all that was left was my under garments. he was gonna go farther but then a husky familiar voice said. "hey! stop raping that girl!" he screamed then ran over and punched the guy. while he was doing that i put my clothes back on. "H-harry? what are you doing here?"


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