Don't let Marcel go

Marcel is the school geek, he gets bullied everyday. What people don't know is he is in One Direction and forced them back to school. Then what happens when Alyssa comes into the picture? He changes for her and becomes popular and forgets her. When they get into fight will she leave him? or will he come back to his old self and stop her? but the most important question of all is... if she stays and gets hurt again, will she ever trust or love again? one thing we know is Harry keeps making the same mistakes.

it is Y rated because of language


38. I was hoping it was a prank

A/N this will be a longer chapter than normal


                                  Liz's P.O.V

   i moved in with Harry about a week a go and lets just say it has been interesting. Harry left a little over 2 hours a go to visit his mum, i was getting worried because he said it would only be about 45 minute to an hour. i was just about to grab my car keys when i heard the door slam shut.

L- hey are you okay

H- well i went to talk to my mum and found out something

L- what is it, you can tell me

H- did you know our mums knew each other in high school

L- yeah why

H- because apparently they were pregnant at the same time and had an arranged marriage set up for us 2

L- seriously! i was hoping it was a prank

H- you knew?

L- yeah you didnt?

H- no i will tell the boys and you can tell the girls

L- k, and dont worry i will plan everything.

i went to get my phone off my headboard. Mass text recipients: Sel, El, Izzy, Abby


they all texted back with a k.



i saw the girls sitting in the back corner talking about something

(L= Lizzy I= Izzy S= Selena A= Abby E= Eleanor)

L- hey guys

E- hey whats up

A- yeah you never call emergency thingies

L- well you know my past with Harry

S- yeah what about it

L- well our mums were friends in high school

E- yeah?

L- and apparently his mum saw something in his eyes when he saw me

A- go on!

L- so they set up an arranged marriage for us?

E- what

S- no way

A- seriously

I- wow

L- i need to pick a maid of Honour so i was thinking Selena could perform, Eleanor you can do the dresses, and Abby and Izzy could both be maids of Honour.

they all replied with an okay but i was asked some questions

E- what shops are you looking at?

L- probably Davids Bridal or Golden Needle

E- okay how is tomorrow at noon

L- cool

S- what would you like me to perform

L- could you perform a year without rain, birthday, tell me something i dont know, and who says. oh and could you get Justin to perform for Niall

S- sure

l- we need to get the invitations all sort out

L- invite everyone on my phone and i will get the people Harry wants to be their there.

A- can i cook-

L- No! you have burnt cereal, you are not cooking for my wedding. hey could you ask Russell if he could if so then you can help

A- sure

L- well i gotta go and help Harry tell the guys cause i bet he is having trouble later.

they all said bye and i left, i arrived at the flat in about 10 minutes and saw all the boys pulling up.

                                    Harry's P.O.V

  i had been thinking so long about how i was gonna get married that i forgot to tell the boys. i texted the boys and they said they would be here in a few minutes. i heard the door opening and i thought it was the boys but it was Liz and the boys.

H- guys could you go sit down in the lounge room

Lt- sure

Lj- forgot didnt you

H- yes

Lj- Harry what are you gonna do if you forget when we are married that we are married

H- i wont but can we talk about this later with them being at the doorway

Lj- boys! (she shouted right at the door to cause them to fall) stop listening to our conversations and go sit down

Lp- yes mum

Lj- ooh mr Payne is starting to get sassy! good job Lou! (she said high-fiving him)

N- can we at least get snacks!

Lj- in a minute, i need to discuss something called remembrance with mr Styles here

Ooh! (all the boys chorused)

H- can ya'll go now

Z- that is what i've been saying! i need my sleep and you woke me up during a nap so this better be important

H- it is

Lj- you need to work on remembering things Harry, i'm dead serious

H- now can we go sit down and tell the boys

Lj- yes

we walked to the couch and i almost grabbed her hand when she started fixing her hair because her bangs were falling in her eyes.

H- boys we have an announcement

Lt- did you get my cousin pregnant Harold!

H- cousin? she's your cousin

Lj- Louis! i didnt tell them yet, but then again its all over Facebook and Twitter so...

H- anyways... no she is not pregnant

LJ- Louis remember how Auntie Jo would tell stories about mum and Ms Anne and her being bff's

Lt- yeah... oh ms Anne is Anne

Lj- yeah well apparently mum and Anne were pregnant at the same time and Anne saw a spark in Harry's eyes when he saw me so they... Harry will you say the rest

H- well since mum saw something in my eyes they arranged a marriage, so now we are sort of engaged.


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