Don't let Marcel go

Marcel is the school geek, he gets bullied everyday. What people don't know is he is in One Direction and forced them back to school. Then what happens when Alyssa comes into the picture? He changes for her and becomes popular and forgets her. When they get into fight will she leave him? or will he come back to his old self and stop her? but the most important question of all is... if she stays and gets hurt again, will she ever trust or love again? one thing we know is Harry keeps making the same mistakes.

it is Y rated because of language


16. Breaks and America

                         Liz's P.O.V

  im so happy me and Harry got back together. i was thinking about how happy i was while walking down the street when something. it was a magazine of Harry kissing some girl, the caption read 'is Harry Styles still a womanizer, he was caught snoggimg a mystery girl last night at club The Players Club for more information turn to page 21.' i cant believe it, he said he loved me at the concert, then he gets drunk and kisses that slut. thats it, i ran home to the apartment me, Izzy, and El shared and told them everything. they were so mad you could see new frown lines forming. i ran to the bathroom and got out my razor, you might think i will cut myself but i was actually shaving. i went on the internet and searched apartments in the U.S. and then a plane ticket. i wanted to go to a town that not alot of people would think of. i was going to buy a plane ticket to Jacksonville, Florida; buy a car and drive to Lake City. i would bring El but she is with Louis, i was bringing Izzy since her and Niall just liked each other. the flight was in a few hours so we had to pack, plus El moved back in with Louis so this is the last time we see this place. we left the apartment keys on the counter and left.

Skips a few hours

  we were on the plane to America, and it was a good 14 hours. we arrived at the apartment complex an hour and a half later and i had major jet lag. since we had our stuff delivered here the day before we left so it was all set up like we already lived here. i went to the closest bed and fell asleep right away.

                         Izzy's P.O.V

  im frantically pacing around the room trying to figure out where i left the plane information, but i cant find it anywhere. right then i heard my ringtone go off

It's everything about you, you, you
Everything that you do, do, do
From the way that we touch, baby
To the way that you kiss on me
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
The way you make it feel, new, new, new
Like every party is just us two
And there's nothing I could point to
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
Everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
It's everything that you do, do, do (everything about you)
It's everything about you

i recognized  that ringtone to well i raced over to my phone and answered. "Niall hey... we are fine... we are spending time together so we aren't their... we are getting the stuff cleaned... okay bye." God i hated lying to Niall, he trusts me and im just straight up lying to him."

                         Niall's P.O.V

  i knew something was up because she always answered unless she was too tired, plus she didnt answer for a few hours and that only happens with jet lag. they gave me a key to their apartment so i could go in, i grabbed my keys and drove to the complex. i went to the apartment they were on and unlocked it. when i got inside i saw...

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