kidnapped by one direction

Lexi was walking home from her last day of school. She see's a van following her and picks up her speed, a couple seconds later she feels someone grab her and than every thing went black. read more to find out.....


5. 4

 (Harry's POV)


It was now 8 o'clock at night so I went up the stairs to Lexi's room and unlocked the door. I opened the door to find Lexi in a corner crying. I then went over to her and sat down on the floor next to her.

" Shhh don't cry, its going to be ok" I said to her while rubbing her back.


"Well even though we kidnapped you, you still will have fun here because we will make it fun for you and we are One Direction."

"First, I don't care if you try to make it fun here because I wont have fun at all. Second, I HATE YOU GUYS! I HATE ONE DIRECTION, I ALWAYS DID AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!!"

"Wow that hurt a lot and I was going to be nice to you"

"Yeah right"

(Lexi's POV)


"Yeah right" I said to Harry.

Than all of a sudden Harry came closer to me and slapped me hard on the cheek.

" ouch, why did you do that"

"SHUT UP"  he said while slapping me again.

"stop please it hurts"

"I said SHUT UP!" he said slapping me for the third time and kicking me in my stomach. Then he bent down and looked into my eyes. I saw that they weren't their normal green colors, they were black. He leaned in closer and kissed my roughly. 

 2 minutes later he finally stopped. He got up and said "I'll be back for more."

Then he left.


Sorry I didn't update in awhile. so what did you think of this chapter? please like, comment, favorite, and fan that would mean a lot to me!- Kristina





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