kidnapped by one direction

Lexi was walking home from her last day of school. She see's a van following her and picks up her speed, a couple seconds later she feels someone grab her and than every thing went black. read more to find out.....


2. 1

C'mon c'mon c'mon."Ring ring ring". Finally school is over!!!!!!!!! I ran to my locker grabbed my bag and ran outside to the path that I walk to my house everyday.


   About 5 minutes of walking I felt a strange feeling that I was being followed so I turn around and I see a black van.

I turn back around and just keep walking. Then I notice that the black van is following me so I pick up my speed and so does the van.

I then heard someone say in a British voice "get her". 

I run and run as fast as I can until I felt a pair of arms grab my waist. I tried screaming but they cover my mouth with their hand so I bit them very hard thinking that they would let go and they did.


I ran again as fast as I can until I felt another pair of arms grab my waist and pull me into the van while they put something on my mouth.


After that everything went black.


A/N hope you guys loved this chapter! Please comment, like, favorite, and fan that would mean so much to me! Love u guys so much! -Kristina


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