Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


13. Not a chapter

Okay guys I'm really sorry to say this is not a chapter~~~



When I publish, I always read what I have published on the novellas app, and somehow it's cutting the story off towards the end. It's done that on the last two chapters of what I can see.

If you can just comment an tell me if it's happening to you guys that would be great. On chapter eleven it says 'along with all my bones' and it just ENDS. It didn't publish It all. 


So again if you see any weird cutting off of the story towards the end can you please tell me?

Thankyou lovelies! Don't for get to like;) x

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