Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


9. Chapter 9

It had been a day since I had met the brooks brothers. My best friends. Beau said he would text me and we could hangout. But since it was 3pm and he hasn't text me I decided I was going to look around the new city. I was already changed in my jack wills jumper and shorts. I had recently painted my nails and all I needed to do was my hair. I walked to my dressing table and fish plaited my long hair. I grappled my phone and headphones and I was quick out the door. 

I was a little upset beau hadn't text me. But he didn't say he definitely would. I hadn't a clue where I was going. I think I was in town because there was so many shops. But none that I actually liked. I was walking in a circle so I thought I would head to the library for a bit. However, across the road was 3 girls and they were staring at me. I looked down at my outfit wondering if that was the case. I hadn't a clue but I was so self conscious. I tried I ignore them, so I crossed the road looking in a different direction. But they were still staring. 

'Hey.' One said sweetly. I just smiled. 

'Are you the one that was with the brooks brothers?' One asked kindly. 

'Yes I was. Are you fans?' I said, in a nice tone.

'Yes we do. Now you stay away from or boys or we will hurt you. The hospital kind of hurt.' The one in the middle said mean. I gulped, they looked my age. But I wasn't backing down. I had nobody else. 

'Theyre my best friends. I've just moved here and I have nobody else.' I said. 

'Well you better find someone else. And fast' They said. 

'And what if I don't.' I questioned. 

'Nobody says no to us.' The blonde one said. And before I realised I was on the floor and they were repeatedly hitting me. I didn't even try to fight them off. I just let them.

'You stay away from them!' They said as they finished punching me. 

'Stay away from who?' A boy said. It was Luke. 

'Luke! We love you.' Thy squealed. 

'If you did anything to hurt her! Then we don't love you.' He shouted.

'We didn't! We swear.' They said.

{in the car}

Luke gave me some frozen peas to put over my blood filled nose. I winced. He looked at me concerned. 

'So what happened again?' He said. I rolled my eyes.

'Well I was heading- I don't know. Somewhere. And I crossed the road and they seemed nice asking me questions about you and then snap. They turned. Just like that. And I didn't put up a fight. Want to know why?' I spat. I continued without him letting me. 'Because they're your fans. And I care more about your careers than a few bruises.' 

'A few bruises?! If I wasn't there you could have been killed!' He shouted.

'Well thanks. What a hero.' I said sarcastically. He shrugged me off. 

'Why did you go out?' He asked.

'Beau said he would text me. And he never. I became bored' I said.

'Beau?' He gritted through his teeth. I nodded. He looked at me and turned to the road. His fists clenched right to the wheel. He started shouting. 

'The one you like!!' He shouted in my face. 
'The one tha-' 

'You don't scare me Luke!' I said in his face. He looked so guilty.

'I-I wasn't trying to' he said.

'Save it.' I spat.

This girls changed within the roll of an eye. And that's what happens to Luke. I really can't understand him yet I really like him. But it wasn't a celebrity crush. It was real. 

The rest of the journey was silent and we soon pulled up at his house. We agreed I would see beau and Jai and stay the night. I got out the car and was greeted by Jai. 

'Scar what the fuck happened.' He asked.


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