Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


8. Chapter 8

*Lukes POV' 

It was nice and cosy in our new neighbours home. Scarlett was absolutely beautiful. She had gone to the toilet so none of us new what to do. 

'We have arranged a buf-' Mrs.Ralph was cut off. Oops she was cut off by my stupid twitter.  My mother frowned at me.

'Im so sorry Mrs. Ralph.' I apologised.

'Its fine', 'you can answer it, just go upstairs to Scarlett's room she won't mind.' She said. I gave her an 'are you sure look' and she nodded. I got up out off the chair and made my way up the stairs. I had no idea which room was Scarlett's and I didn't want to go upstairs. I started knocking quietly. First I knocked on the door first to the right. No answer. So I knocked on the opposite door. I felt something touch my shoulder so I turned around quickly. It was Scarlett just coming out of her bathroom. 

'You were in there for ages!' I said to her. 

'Sorry. It's free now.' She blushes, probably thinking i wanted to go in. 

'Why do you always blush when I talk to you? I'm not here for the bathroom and neither was you' I winked. 

She shrugged her shoulders then replied with 'What are you here for then?' 

'You first. ' I asked. She nodded. 

'Okay well I met you guys and I needed to tweet my best friend.' She told me. Her voice so soft. 'Now you.'  She continued. 

'I got a tweet and your mum said I could look what it was in your room.' I said confused. She stared into my eyes for a moment and opened her door. 

'Come in.' She smiled. I walked into her room and sat on her bed unlocking my phone.

*Scatletts POV*

Well, this was sufficiently awkward. Luke brooks was sat on my bed and I couldn't help but stare at him. He unlocked his phone so I did the same. I wasn't going on anything but I pretended to. Luke broke the silence. 

'Do you have twitter?' He asked with a smirk on his face. Oh no. He's seen the tweet. I mean, I wanted him to. But not like this! 

'Y-yeah.' I said. 

'Type it in.' He handed me his phone and I swear he was looking into my eyes. 

'Done.' I handed it him back. 

He smiled. 'Knew it.' 

'Knew what?' I asked. But I knew what he meant and my heart was thumping. 

'You tweeted me.' He winked at me.

'Y-yes. Sorry.' I blushed. 

'You're cute when you blush.' He told me. Which made me go even more red but I didn't want to thank him. I decided to play it cool. 

'Oh really.' I winked. Well, I didn't really wink. My left eye sort of twitched whilst my right was wide open. Unfortunately Luke saw that too and started laughing. 

'Its not funny.' I said poking his arm. He started tickling me and I was laughing at this point. 

'See it is funny isn't it.' He said laughing. I nodded. 

When the laughing died down we were able to speak. 

'Wanna play a game?' He asked me. 

'Sure. Which?' I replied. 

'20 questions.' He said. Thank god. I thought he was going to do dares and god knows what might have happened. 

'Well?' He said. 

'Oh sorry! Yeah sure.' I said coming out of my own world and entering the real one. 

'Okay. You start.' I hadn't a clue what to ask him. 

'What collage do you to to?' I asked interested. 

'Collage of hotness.' He laughed. That was totally something beau would say. I laughed with him. 

'I'm joking. I only go there on Saturdays. Right now I go to Penola Collage.' He said. I nodded with my mouth open. 

'Im guessing you're going there too?' He said whilst his smile grew wide. 

'Hell yeah. Once I've settled and stuff.' I said he nodded. 

'My turn.' 'Who is the better brooks brother.' He asked me. Well that was obvious. Luke. But I couldn't say that because he might think I'm a creep. 

'I don't really know you. But in your videos, beau.' I lied. His eyes didn't have a sparkle and they looked sad for some reason, but then it returned. 

'Shall we go downstairs?' Luke asked. 

'20 questions? That was more like two.' I laughed. 

'I know. I just don't feel well.' He smiled. He stood off my bed and reached his hand out and I didn't hesitate to grab it. Luke was really hyper and i couldn't escape it. We were now running down the stairs like baboons. As we reached the hall Gina and my Mum were waiting cross armed.

'Can you stop embarrassing us!' Mum and Gina said at the same time. Mum obviously saying it to me and Gina to Luke. Beau and Jai ran through and picked me up. 

'Im sorry my children aren't at all polite and they're very loud.' Gina said to my mother. 

'Belive It or not so is Scar. Lets just leave them to it.' My mum laughed. They walked into the living room and me, beau, Jai and Luke ran back to my room.

'Thanks for leaving us Luke.' Jai said. Beau nodded in agreement.

'Whats so wrong with my parents?' I said chuckling. Beau thought I had been offended but I told him I was joking and he began laughing. We were all really hyper but didn't know what to do.

'We should do a twitcam!' Beau suggested. I quickly went to my dressing table and picked up my laptop. I brought it back on the bed and logged out my twitter. I let beau log into his looking away. 

Straight away thousands of notifications were coming up but one caught his eye. And it had to be mine. 

'Is this you Scarlett?' He asked. I blushed again. 

'Yes for god sake. Twitcam?' I pouted.

'Moody as.' Jai said. I ignored him joking. 

The twitcam was loading and it counted down from 3.

'Hey guys! 3/5 of the janoskians here and a special guest.' Beau said. 

'Whats up you sluts?' Jai said laughing. 

'Hi.' Luke said. I've watched most of there twitcams and Luke was never this quiet. I rolled my eyes. It was my turn, beau pulled me in. 

'Hey guys.' I waved. Scared of the hate I was going to get. 

The boys answered some questions and followed a few people. Beau sent out a tweet telling them to follow me. And I got so many notifications I put my phone on silent. 

'We're going now.' Beau waved and smiled. The rest of us waved too. 

'Luke what's wrong?' I asked.

'Nothing.' He said. 

'Well why are you so quiet?' Beau asked. 

'Yeah if you're gonna be quiet you can get out.' Jai said. We all laughed but I immediately felt guilty as Luke stood up and walked out. 

'He has a temper.' Jai said. I nodded. Maybe he thought we were ganging up on him? I felt so bad. I heard the bathroom wall bang. All three of us ran in. And there was Luke. Standing there with blood all over his knuckles. He don't do damage to the wall but his knuckles looked bad. I didn't know what to do, I was so shocked.

'Short temper huh.' I spat. Luke grabbed my wrist tight. He really scared me and seemed different. Jai and beau walked back to my room and left me alone with him. 

'What did you say?' Luke said angrily.

'N-nothing.' I said. Shaken up.    

*lukes POV*

I saw it in her eyes. She was scared. I immediately loosened my grip from her wrist. 

'Do I scare you?' I said guilty. She didn't reply. 

The thing is, when I was 4 I used to watch my Dad beat up my Mum. I made a promise to myself I would never hit or scare a girl. And I think I broke that promise. She didn't say anything. She still looked scared. Her eyes lost her her twinkle and her lips were no longer plumped. She stood up and ran, she ran straight to her bedroom and I guess locked the door. I finished cleaning myself up and walked downstairs to thankfully be told by my mum we were going. I walked back upstairs to get beau and Jai. 

'Do we really have to go?' Beau said. I saw her look at him. I don't know why but I got so jealous. She was always giggling with him. What is it so good about beau? I started to get angry but Scarlett could tell and she shook her head. 

'I think you should go. I need rest.' She said. She was scared of me. But she also stopped me. 

'Bye Scarlett.' I said, embracing her in for a hug. She stepped back denying my request.

'Youre different.' She whispered. That's what hurt me. I didn't think I changed that much but I must of really scared her. I faked a smile and walked to the porch. 

'Bye beau-tiful I still love you.' I faintly heard at the top of the stairs. 

'Goodbye Jai-Jai.' She said. They both said bye and hugged her. I couldn't wait to go home and just sleep even if it is only 5pm. 

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