Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


7. Chapter 7

'Scarlett.' I heard someone faintly say, but I ignored it thinking it was my imagination. A few seconds later, I felt my body being shook. My eyes quickly opened and it was my mum. 

'We're here babe.' She said. I rolled my eyes because I hate it when people call me that. Wait, we're here! 

'Really? In Australia?' I said with a smile. 

'No, Antarctica.' My dad said sarcastically. I sighed at his response. 

'You was asleep for the whole journey.' Mum continued. I smiled.

'Then what are we waiting for?' I asked excited. We were the only ones on the plane and we had to go collect our luggage. It came on the rails  and we collected it, walking into a taxi. 

'12 Melbourne Lane.' Dad said. I laughed. Melbourne lane in Melbourne. It took us at the most five minutes to to the house, we should have just walked, although we did have luggage. It was around 4 in the morning so our neighbourhood was 'asleep'. 

The house looked beautiful. Huge! Bigger than the one in the uk. In England the house we had, was still ours for when we wanted to visit Birmingham. But this was the better house of my double life. It has a separate garage with god knows how many cars and a drive with two Ferrari's. It had a red path that lead to the large oak door. The house was painted a nice cream colour and there was so many windows, meaning lots of rooms. Dad unlocked the door and a large hall was on the other side. The stairs were massive and wound right to the second floor. There was two large mirrors in the hall and a nice stand with a telephone and iPhone.

'Your room is the first on the left. Go have a look and we will get the bags. Mum said looking at my father. I nodded and smiled. I ran as fast as I could upstairs trying to contain my excitement. There I saw the white door, to the room that was first on the left. My room. I held the gold knob and twisted it then i slowly opened the door. Oh my god. It was much better than my old one. The bed was at least a Queen size and was a four poster. I had a three light pink walls and a flower pink feature wall. Everything ties together. A pink rug, pink lamp, pink chair, pink laptop. But then a black Walk in wardrobe. A black shoe closest and computer desk and bed. The laminate floor was so shiny. I walked into my en suite and it was huge. A massive corner jacuzzi bath, a shower with a square shower head, a bidet( that I won't use) and a sink. The mirror was pretty big and would be good for selfies. Joking. I ran back downstairs and all the luggage was in the hall. 

'How was it kiddo?' Dad asked.

'I love it! Thank you!' I said whilst kissing him on the cheek. 

'We have all lost sleep, even when we slept on the plane. I know it's our first night and that it is very exciting but we need to go to bed.' Mum said.

'Big day tomorrow. The neighbours will be greeting us.' I smiled. You err get that where you just nod in agreement to shut them up? Same. I loved the house though. I loved Australia. It was 10 past 4 in the morning and was so warm. 

'Night. Love you.' I said to my mum and dad whilst kissing them both and running to my room. 

I cleaned my teeth and washed my face. I walked out from my en suite into my bedroom again and went in my black drawers. I picked out a baggy top and some hollister shorts. I placed my hair in a bun and laid back in my bed. I stared at the pink lace covering each of my posts. My phone went off but I really couldn't be bothered so I put it on silent. I smiled at the fact I loved my bedroom. 

It was 10am and I quickly awoke. I was still tired as the night before consisted of sleeping then waking up, sleeping then waking up. I grabbed my phone off my bed side cabinet and turned it on. It only took about two minutes but it seemed forever. I looked around my room thinking how great the promotion was. My phone vibrated and got an alert at least five times. A text and tweet from my friends back in England. The text read:

Sam C x: Hey, I felt like a dick since you denied my request because I guess it was too late to ask and I'm sorry.

I smiled at how he thought about me. I went to click onto twitter, before remembering to reply.

'Its fine. I just want another life, it's nothing to do with you:)x' There. Then I clicked on twitters. I had three new followers, janoskian accounts. But I had a tweet.

@Isobel_xox: OMFG @Scarlettwbux ARE YOU FINALLY IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS THE JANOSKIANS. I chuckled to myself. 

"@Isobel_xox: OMFG @Scarlettwbux ARE YOU IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS THE JANOSKIANS" why yes I am;) 

I locked my phone and stared at the ceiling until hopping out my bed. My mum was obviously awake as I could smell breakfast. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen. It had a huge dining room and I sat down on the leather chair. 

'Good morning.' I said.

''Morning' mum smiled whilst serving breakfast on the plates in front of her. 

'Dad at work?' I asked. 

'Yeah. He will be back around 1. He works from 6am until sometime in the afternoon.' Mum said whilst passing me my plate. I nodded and cut into the pancake. Is it normal to eat a pancake with a knife and fork?  

I finished breakfast and put my plate in the dishwasher. I tucked my chair back into the table and walked out the kitchen thanking my mum. I decide to have a look in the front room. Again, it was huge. With at least a 50" tv on the wall. A flower feature wall with brown painting walls. The carpet was a cream colour. I smiled and walked back upstairs. It was 11:15am and we were meeting the neighbours at half past 1. That obviously have me two hours and fifteen minutes to get ready. I went into my wardrobe and pulled out a nice hollister top and disco Pants. Then I opened my curtain and didn't hesitate to change my mind to disco pants. It was so sunny. I laid them on my bed and walked to my bathroom. I always brush my hair before getting in the shower. I finished brushing out all the knots and hopped in the shower. I wish I could of stayed in longer. Like forever. I loved showers. I washed my body and hair and grabbed a towel. I got out of what seemed being in there thirty seconds, but I looked at my clock and I was around fifteen minutes. I tied my hair in a towel and put another towel around my body. I shut the curtains so nobody could look in. I went to my cabinet and picked out some nice underwear  and placed then on my body after drying myself. I put my t-shirt on and then shorts.  I let my hair down and sat in front of my dressing table. I grabbed my brush and plugged the hair dryer in, drying my hair. It didn't take that long as my hair was very thin. I decided to straighten it because I hate my natural hair. When I was happy I decided to put it up in a sleek but messy pony. I smiled in the mirror and went into my drawers and pulled out some white frilly socks. I grabbed my blazers and put them on too. When I had finished I grabbed my laptop and sat on my bed with it. I went on Facebook and invited everyone to a group chat. Nobody replied but I realises that was because of time difference. I decided to post a status, it read:

Hey guys! I realise you're possibly all asleep so I want to say I've had a good night sleep and I'm in Australia. My house is beautiful! I'm meeting all our neighbours soon.

I logged off as a I heard my Dad come in. I looked at the time and he was a bit late. Which meant closer to meeting everyone and I was nervous. I walked downstairs and saw him at the door. 

'Afternoon.' I said embracing him in a hug. 

'You ready?' He asked me hugging back. I nodded. 

'Go and help your mother with the food and drinks. Then maybe tidy your room.' He said. I sighed but made my way into the kitchen helping mum. 

She smiled at me and handing me some bread and fillings. I filled the sandwiches and layed them on a nice silver plate. I placed it on the table in the back room. There was a nice table cloth over the table. We were going to some extent with a huge buffet and in our old home we didn't even have drinks for them. I shrugged it off maybe that was how they greeted people in Australia. I then grabbed 6 wine glasses and placed them on the table with a few non alcohol and alcohol drinks. 

'Is everyone from the street coming?' I asked. 

'No, just next door. It would be too much otherwise so we can meet the others another time.' Mum told me. Well that wasn't so bad. Just spending a few hours with people in a house next to us. What's so bad about that? 

The door bell rang and dad called us both through the hall. 

'You could of put something, less-' 

'Slutty?' I cut my mum off. 

'Scarlett!' She scolded me. I laughed sarcastically but then saw dad open the door. They were already in the porch. In front of us was a very nice woman and she greeted my dad very lovely. She walked Upto me next. 

'Hello lovely. I'm Gina.' She smiled. 

'Scarlett.' I said back, and we hugged. 
I was confused. I'm sure I'd heard of that name before. She smiled at me one last time before moving to my mum. I watched them until she introduced some more people.

'And these are my boys.' She said. They walked through to my living room and I saw Beau Luke and Jai! From the janoskians! I was totally fan girling inside. Luke caught me looking at him and he smiled. I think he realised i was blushing as he walked up to me. There was very space between us and he hugged me. I had hugged Luke brooks. And he was my neighbour. And so was Jai and beau. Oh my god. 

'Im Luke.' He winked cheekily. Obviously he had been taught manners by his lovely mother. 

'I know.' I smiled. 'I-I mean, the janoskians right?' I asked just making sure. 

'Your accent is amazing! And how do you know us?' He said confused. This really was him. 

'Im actually a huge fan!' I said. He laughed. 

'Great!' He said with a huge smile on his face. Beau and Jai came over and we had small talk about how I loved them. 

'This way.' Mum said pointing us to the living room. Luke held my hand as we walked into the front room. I smiled. 

'I-I'm going to the bathroom.' I said. Dad frowned at me.

'Okay sweetie.' Gina said warmly. 

I ran to the bathroom. I didn't need it but I wanted to go on my phone. I clicked twitter and it was loading.

@Scarlettwbux: @Isobel_xox I just met 3/5 of the JANOSKIANS!!! 

But I wasn't finished there. 

@Jaibrooks1 @Luke_brooks @BrooksBeau hey guys;) you're in my house ain't ya x 

Why did I tweet that? Now it's obvious I went to the bathroom for that. I didn't delete the tweet. I wanted them to notice me.

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