Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


6. Chapter 6

'Scarlett come back inside we're leaving in five minutes.' Mum shouted from the too of the decking. I sighed, knowing from today I will be in a different country, away from all my friends, family and having a new life. I just kept thinking 'what if kids there don't like me'. I hopped of the swing and walked up the steps. I would never see this house again. As I was looking at the garden, I found myself walking towards the back room door. I walked inside and remembered most things I have done in this house. When I was 7, I fell into the coffee table and therefore making the scar on my chin I have today. When I was a baby, the mirror was the first thing I laughed at, or my reflection. I even had my 14th birthday party in this house. I never realised how much i would miss it. 

'You all packed darl'?' Dad asked me. I nodded and smiled. He patted my head. I scowled. I'm not exactly a dog. I walked out the room and outside, sitting on our garden bench. Looking at the scenery. I know it's crappy England but I will miss it so much. 

'Hop In the car.' Mum said ushering me to the back seat. I grabbed my bags from the porch as dad already put my suitcases in the boot. I jumped in the backseat and put my belt on. I put my headphones in and played 'freaks' my nicki minaj. Dad locked the door and then both my parents took there seats. We backed out of the drive and was on our way to the airport. Everything we drove past was home to me. Town, shopping centres, houses, parks, swimming baths. At least australia warm I giggled.

'What are you giggling at?' Mum smiled. 

'I thought of one good thing about moving.' I said. Dad sighed but mum flicked his ear. 

'And what's that?' She asked me, still smiling. 

'The weather.' I told her nodding my head. She nodded with me in unison and dad just stayed silent. I think he understood how much I wanted I stay here, but he knew how part of me wanted to stay. I sighed and kept my head down. I thought about all my friends and how different life in Australia is. I researched that there is a uniform where I am going, great. I'm scared of getting lost but my parents told me not to worry. I couldn't wait to Skype my friends at the airport. Talking about airports, I arrived at mine now. 

'We're here!' Mum squealed. 

'Wahey.' I said sarcastically. She pulled a 'don't be ungrateful face' at me but I just rolled my eyes. 

We were on the plane sitting at seats E6,E7 and E8. The removal van came and put all our luggage where it needed to be. It was five minutes after our expected departed times and I just wanted them to switch the wifi on already. 

'A delay from the set off for a young lady.' The man said. I grounded switching my music up louder but quiet enough for me to hear. 

'Scarlett Ralph, I think her name is?' He said. Wow who cares lets g- wait. That was me. I took my headphones out my ears and started listening.

'Whose Scarlett. Which one, put your hand up.' He said through the microphone. I shyly put my hand up and gave a confused look to my father, he just smiled. I sat up.

'Right sweetheart, look to your left.' I looked out of my window and didn't see anything for a few seconds until I heard screaming . I looked down a bit an there was all my friends. At the airport. Waving me of. At six in the morning. I bet nobody in Australia would make the flight be delayed because they were waving me off. I started crying and waving. They were all cheering shouting 'miss you' 'love you' and things. Then they were able to all run on and I was so happy I got butterflies. Other people on the planes were cheering. I hugged each of them and they all told me how much I would be missed. I replied with the same thing. I had just hugged Isobel and now it was time for Sam as they were taking it in turns to say goodbye. I looked in his eyes and smiled. 

'I will miss you so much!' I explained. He looked really sad, I have never seen him this sad before. 

'L-look I didn't know you was moving. So it's hard for me to tell you this whilst you're on a plane. But.. But Erm...' He trailed off. I smiled for him to carry on. 'But I don't want you to go. I want you to stay. I like you okay? I want you to be my girlfriend but only if you stay. You're old enough.' He told me. I think I had burnt a hole in my cheek they were that red. I didn't know what to stay. I wanted to stay so bad but I didn't want to leave my parents. I will be able to say I've tried to live in Australia and if it didn't work come back. 

'I'm sorry, I will visit I promise' I said pecking his cheek. He nodded and walked off the plane. I gave everybody a group hug and they walked off too. I sat back down in my seat thinking about what just happened. 

'Sorry for the delay guys.' The man said. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Thinking. Dreaming. I was scared of having a crappy life in Australia but I was excited to do new things, meet new people. And basically live a double life. I heard my sad say night, then kiss his hand and place it on his head. I know everything he does is for me and my mum. And this promotion meant a better future. I was so grateful for having parents like this. And then I really did drift off.

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