Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


4. Chapter 4

Hi. My name is Sam. I really like Scarlett and only Connor knows but I don't know how to tell her. I know she's moving on Monday, Isobel told us all, so I can't go in a relationship with her when she might move to a different country! I know she likes me as a bestfriend and that's why whenever someone tells us we should be together, I'm the first one to say no. But I want to say yes. I want her to say yes. It's upsetting to know she's going on Monday. If I can stop her. Tell her I love her. She's old enough to stay. Well this is bye from me:( 

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