Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


2. Chapter 2

Beep beep. As I awoke I quickly switched my alarm to 'dismiss'. Oh no. 7:59. I had half an hour to get ready because I woke up late.
'Scarlett are you awake yet? I'm leaving for work in twenty minutes. Get ready.' My mother shouted up. I ignored her request and sat up in bed contemplating on whether to go to school. 
'Scar.' Mum shouted. I ignored her again as I really couldn't be bothered with a morning conversation. 
'Scarlett Monica Ralph get up for school now!' She shouted again from the kitchen.
'Im awake.' I spat. I really wasn't awake. I was so tired. I stood up and walked over to my desk and rummaged around for a note. My father was usually gone before I was awake, so he left me notes like 'have a good day kiddo' or 'see you soon sweetie' but I couldn't find it.
'Mum, is dad home?' I asked, wondering whether or not he was asleep, which he probably wasnt. 
'No? Why?' She asked. 
'He hasn't left me a note?' I said. 
'Oh Scarlett he's tired and probably forgotten, you're 17 you're not a baby and you don't need a note.' She said. He's written me notes for 6 years and I'm pretty sure he's been tired through half of them, he's never forgotten. Something strange was going on but I shrugged it off. I walked into my en suite and brushed my teeth. I love the freshness after I brush my teeth. I then washed my face and walked back into my bedroom. I walked up to my wardrobe struggling in finding an outfit to wear. But I eventually picked out a hollister t-shirt and shiny leggings. I walked to my shoe closet and picked out my Nike blazers. The outfit matches with my nails and I was happy with that. I just re painted a clear coat for protection. I put on my bracelet and walked over to my MacBook checking Facebook. Nothing interesting was there so I decided to walk to my mirror and do my hair. When I was finished I sprayed some hollister spray on myself then did my make up. Just foundation mascara and eyeliner, I'm not a plastic. I checked my longer mirror this time and sighed. There, I guess, done.
As I walked into form I was a little late. I left the house twenty minutes after my mum, when it was supposed to be ten. Sir asked me for my reason and I said my rabbit died. I'm joking, I told the truth and got myself a detention. I walked over to my seat, which was next to isobel. Megan and Marcus sat opposite us, twins. They were okay.
'Why were you late?' Isobel questioned. 
'Up late, why?' I said. She shrugged and took out her iPhone. Why was she ignoring me? Just left me to sit in form on my own whilst she texts and plays games. Thanks a bunch. 
'So how was your weekend?' She asked me, not taking her eyes off the screen. 
'Fine.' I said sourly. She scowled. She was the one in the wrong, not me.
'What lesson do we have next?' She asked me, still not taking her eyes off of the screen.
'Get a planner.' I told her. She finally slammed her iPhone on the table and a few people turned around. We smiled pretending everything was fine. But it wasn't.
'What is your problem?!' She whispered sharply.
'My problem?! Okay maybe my bestfriend is ignoring me for her stupid phone.' I told her.
'I was talking to you!' She whispered loudly. 
'And you couldn't take your eyes off the screen, you know that annoys me.' I said. She said something but I blanked her out and went to sit with Sam and Connor, my close boy friends. 

The rest of the day flew by, I got a detention for being on my phone so now I have a total of two for next week. Great. It was final lesson, art. And guess who I sat next to. Yep. Isobel. I knew we were going to make friends and this is pathetic but I was so upset about my dad not writing me a note. And she annoyed me more. I ignored her most lesson, until we were sharpening our pencils.
'Whats wrong scar?' She asked me. I shrugged my shoulders and carried on sharpening my pencil. I saw the hurt in her eyes. I was her bestfriend. 
'Fine. I think my mum and dad are getting a divorce.' I spat out.
'What?! Why? Omg I'm so sorry!' She said.
'He didn't give me a note. And I know it sounds pathetic but he hasn't not wrote me one since I was 11 years old! And you annoyed me more and my mum was moody this morning I don't know. I'm tired okay.' I told her and went to sit back in my seat. But as soon as I did the bell rang. I picked up my bag and walked out of the class, out of the school and walked home. As soon as I reached my house, nobody was in, so I ran up to my room and on my bed and I slept. I was so worried.

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