Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


12. Chapter 12

Me and Luke both started walking back to where everyone was sitting. I practically forced him because I thought everyone  would probably be worried as they couldn't see the car from where they sat. How stupid though, parking the car out of sight. It was quiet and the scenery was very beautiful. None of us were talking but I didn't care because I loved to watch nature, it reminded me of when I was little back in England, going on walks through the woods with my Dad.

'Shall we go down here, I'm guessing its quicker.' Luke winked, breaking the silence and pointing to another forest route,tugging me towards it. 

'I really think we should be back' I said biting my lip and backing away. He was really annoying me, my dad was very protective and I didn't want to worry either of our families yet I bet we were doing just that. I crossed my arms and sighed waiting to see what he had to say. 

'Well Scar I guess I'm gonna go anyway, cover for me? Say I was sick?'' He asked whilst placing his hands in his pockets. 

'It better be quicker Luke.' I said sternly. He nodded and held out his hand but i ignored his invitation and ran to jump up onto his back. He slightly groaned in shock as my body touched his. It made me feel guilty in case I was too heavy for him. I tried to jump back off but his firm hands had a tight grip under my thighs.

'Scarlett you aren't heavy, I just didn't expect you to jump on my back.' He laughed reassuring me, almost reading my mind. I smiled widely and something about Luke made me feel safe. Luke walked with me on his back for a few minutes until an old wooden bench with the most perfect lake in front of it caught his eye. I climbed off his back and sat on the bench instantly pulling him down with me. We both giggled but quickly stopped to look at each others  features. I automatically stared into his gorgeous brown eyes, they soon made me melt as I noticed his sparkle. He stared back into my blue ones smiling. I bit my lip and looked down, embarrassed; my cheeks burning from Lukes gaze.His hand carefully touched my face, rubbing my cheek slowly with his thumb, making me glance up. He warmed me with a cute smile and I smiled back. His touch was ever so soft and relaxing but nonetheless I grabbed it and placed it back on his lap. I'm not entirely sure why I did that, and It left him looking confused. 

'My eye still hurts.' I lied pointing to my black eye.I guess really, I didn't want to get my hopes up for any ideas of Luke liking be, when all he sees me as is a bestfriend.

'Sorry.' Luke whispered as he came closer to my face, leaving very little gap in between us. His plumped rose lips looked beautiful with the lip ring. He brought them up to me and I totally freaked. I tried to back away but before I could he softly kissed me on the corner of my eye. Few, I thought. He was just being friendly. Not that I don't want to kiss him, because that is all I long to do. I just couldn't kid myself that a kiss meant something. He leant back slowly and his hand came back to my face stroking where he had just kissed me.  I entwined my fingers with his but I quickly let go and shoved his off. I didn't want him leading me on, or even worse i didn't want to fall for him even more than I already had. I weakly smiled.

'I-I think we should head back, we've been a while now.' I said to him, showing him the time on my phone. He nodded and stood up, holding my hand and pulling me up. He gave me a warm smile and I nodded. 
There was no path so we had to walk through bushes, sometimes nettles or  roses. 

'This is so much quicker Luke.' I said sarcastically, catching up with him as he was way ahead of me.

He stopped and turned around. 

'Honestly, do you think beau is better than me?'. 
He asked, obviously he has been thinking about this for a long period of time. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. He stood hovering over me and at first I thought he was angry, but he wasn't. He was waiting for a reply. 

'I'm not having this conversation with you.' I told him and I lightly pushed him away laughing. I then grabbed his hand and we set off walking again. Why does he care what I think? Why does he always have to be better than everyone else? In the videos he portrayed himself as a completely different person. He tugged his hand off mine and brought me close, demanding for an answer. 

'Look Luke, I really don't know.' I said, being it the second time today I lied to him. 

'Because If you do, that's fine.' He smiled but it soon faded. 

'In all honesty? Yeah, I admit he is a great guy and he's hilarious. But he is way too older for me. I mean, I only see him as an older brother.' I said, all being true this time. He smiled the widest I have ever seen and I smiled back. For the third time, we started walking back. We were about two minutes away and we could see everyone packing the lunch  in the distance. 

'Where the heck have you guys been?!' Jai shouted. I waited to reply until we walked a bit closer. 

As we walked up to everyone they all looked at us demanding for an explanation. I decided I was the one who would tell the story. And the truth this time. 

'We just went on a walk. Better than sitting here, we wasn't too long was we? Sorry if we worried you guys.' I said.

'Your Dad was very worried.' Gina said being sternly.

'We're sorry for worrying anyone, but we're back now.' I smiled looking at my Dad.
He winked at me and then went back to filling a box with rubbish. Once we had all packed away, it was time to go for a walk together. It was obvious nobody knew where they were going so Luke and I decided to lead the way, taking them to the lake we saw before. As we arrived my Dad looked so shocked to see how beautiful it was. 


'This is the shit!' Beau shouted. Mum frowned at the last word coming from his mouth.

'Sorry Mum.' He said looking guilty with an apologetic smile. 

She smiled back and rubbed her hand through his hair. Mum honestly lets him get away with anything. He swerved  his head away from Mums hand and walked towards me. I was stood next to Scarlett and we were carrying on our 20 questions, well sixteen questions if you count what we have already asked. 

'What is the most beautiful place you hav-' I asked her. But I couldn't finish my question and she couldn't respond. Beau had took her hand and they started walking towards the bench we were sat on before. She looked back and infuriation was building up inside of me, like I was being taken over by anger. I glared at him, warning him how annoyed I was. He obviously didn't understand as he turned towards her and they started speaking. My fists clenched tightly and I was surprised steam didn't come out of my ears. Scarlett just stood there, looking back every few seconds. Giving me a weak smile that sometimes would even make me calm down. But then Beau made her turn to face him and that sent me over the edge again. I couldn't cause a scene or make a big reaction in front of our parents, so I just stood there with my fists clenched and my breathing very heavy.  I glared at them watching his every move wondering why my brother was doing this to me.

'Im gonna go back to Luke.' Scar said to him whilst pointing to me. He glanced over and I gave a sarcastic smile. She stared walking back over and quickly noticed how high my chest was rising. She reached for my hand and put her head on my chest. Soon enough my hands had stopped shaking an my breathing was normal. I smiled but obviously as I was taller than her she couldn't see me, so I hugged her. She jumped in fright. 

'D-do I still scare you?' I asked her with no emotions on my face. It really hurt me to think I ever scared her, because all I wanted to do was protect her and keep her safe. She took her head off my chest and looked up, 

'No Luke, you don't scare me.' She warmly smiled and wrapped her arms around me. I took a tight grip around her waist and put my head on her shoulder. The smell of her made me go weak to my knees. We stayed there for a while but it was time to head home so we parted.


We were in the car, the same seats we sat before. It was a very long journey home and everybody was tired. My mum turned around to say something to me but she was interrupted by a yawn, passing it on to me, who I then passed on to Scarlett.

'Youre beautiful when you yawn' I told her. It was true because he was. She giggled and blushed again. She then turned around and I watched her place her elbow on the side of the car and her head in her hand. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep but looked extremely uncomfortable.  I was tempted to grab her and allow her to lean on me, but I didn't want to startle her so I tapped her shoulder. 

'Mmm?' She mumbled, too tired to talk. 

'Sleep on me.' I said. She didn't even let the question sink into her head and already she was lying on me. I wrapped my arms around her body and leaned my head slightly on hers. I closed my eyes trying to get to sleep.

We arrived at the Ralph's household, 11pm at night, we all made the decision we would stay if we helped unload the car. Except for mum, she stayed at home. I guess you could say me,jai and unfortunately beau will be inseparable with Scarlett forever now, we even fought with who stays in scarletts room, of course I won. 'The one less likely to do things with' is what Scars mum described me as. Beau and jai were in the spare bedroom next door and Scarlett was half asleep on her bed watching mean girls. That was leaving me on her guest bed struggling to stay awake. I flicked my phone on silent and turned off my alarm. 

'Night Luke.' Scarlett whispered turning off her television. 

'Sweet dreams Scarlett.' I replied, flipping the pillow over to the cooler side. I turned over onto my side and closed my eyes. About ten seconds into my dream, I heard something flutter through the air, near her wardrobe area. I got out of the bed and turned her lamp on which was on her chest of drawers. I walked over to the wardrobe and saw a little piece of paper. In fact it was a photograph. I looked closely and saw Scarlett with some boy. But it couldn't of been just 'some boy' she had her arm linked around his back and they were holding hands. I glanced at her wardrobe and they were all of Scarlett and other male and females. I guess she missed all her friends, but she doesn't really mention them. One picture caught my eye, she was kissing someone whilst wearing the most beautiful dress, probably at their prom. It was in that moment that I realised I didn't really know Scarlett. She could have a boyfriend? I knew what she was like In Australia, but what about England? Tons of questions came flooding through my head and I began to feel dizzy. I didn't want wake anybody so I crept back into the bed I was staying in. I realised I still had the picture in my hand, so I sat up and put it on the bed side table turning the lamp off. With all the questions flooding back as I sat down, did I really want know the real Scarlett? Would I like the real Scarlett? I sighed, and layed on my back, trying so hard to get to sleep.

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