Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


1. Chapter 1

Hello. My name is Scarlett Ralph and I am a student of year 11 at Oakmore High. I love fashion. I mean, love it. Not like the catwalks and model sort; but I love vans,converse,Hollister,jack wills etc. Maybe because I get spoilt? I have no idea I just love clothes and shopping! Hmmm my favourite colour is purple. It's so cute and relaxing. I love the Janoskians! I would do anything to meet them, Beau Brooks is just perfection. I mean wow. I don't know what else to write really? I am not exactly what you call 'popular' in school. There are plastics, there will always be plastics:( but that doesn't mean I'm a 24/7 loner, we have a close friends group and it's so lovely. But my bestfriend would be Isobel. My hometown is so small, but I love it. I'm naming a lot of things I love, so what I hate is: plastics,bullies,being embarrassed, when I get jealous, spiders, clowns and feet. I hate the thought of dying or murderers aswell. When I'm older, I want to be an actress or a work in a nursery as I love little toddlers!  So i have nothing else to say but Goodbye:)

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