Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


15. 14

I awoke and looked quickly at my alarm clock, I had only been asleep for ten minutes but I was really hoping Luke had gone. I hopped eeamy bed and quietly padded towards the door. I put my ear to it and couldn't hear any sign of him being there so I slowly unlocked it. Opening it slightly, I scanned the landing to look for him and to my surprise he wasnt there. I pondered back to my bed and put my slippers on.


'Scarlett!' Luke shouted almost surprised see my face enter the front room. 

'I didn't think you were here. You can go.' I spat. 

He stood up and walked over to me. I backed away and plopped over onto the couch, grabbing the laptop that was on the arm rest. After all I was in my own home, why should I run away from him when I can just sit down and relax. Or at least try to. It's quite impossible when there's a boy you're In a sour mood with in the room. That's all I ever am with Luke, a bad mood. He changes me and I hate it. I can't stop it, that's probably his plan in life, to ruin me.

'Why do we do this?'

'Do what?' I asked sourly. 

'Ruin us.' 

'You ruined it remember!' I shouted. 

All I wanted was to come downstairs to an empty house, grab some soup and watch some tv programmes. But Luke has a thing for making everything complicated and I'm just so annoyed to talk to him. 

'I know, I know babe.'  

He sat on the chair next to me and sighed heavily. The way his chest rises underneath his tight top makes me shiver, even when I'm in the foulest moods he still knows how to make me fall in love with him. Obviously not literally, I am not in love with Luke Brooks. I'm upset and angry and every bad emotion possible with him. 

'And you're not doing anything to fucking sort out what you ruined! You've not done anything to make me happy all you've done is said sorry and you probably never meant it.' 
My tone a bit harsher. 

'You want to sort things out? Even when you hate me?' His statement definitely caught me off guard and I was actually a bit surprised, I didn't want to fight, I'm just so stubborn to begin forgiving him.

' I don't hate you, I hate what you did.' 
I looked up at him, he looked so upset. His eyes were furrowed in his brows and they were  plain. His sparkle had disappeared.

'I know. I'm sorry Scarlett, I really am.' He reached for my hand and pulled me on top of him. I couldn't stay mad at him for long and I new this. I laughed and started stroking his face.  The sparkle returned as he brought his lip ring between his teeth. 

'Why do our arguments never last?' I giggle.

'Because you love me.' He winked.

'No silly, remember you love me.' I said playfully. 

'I might' he shrugged. 


'Doubt it'  I said. 

Luke's POV 

But the truth was I did love her, at least I think I did. I loved how she always laughs whenever I take a picture of myself, when she half smiles, the fact I always catch her looking at me, how forgiving she can be, but I just love how I know she feels something for me too. I need her to. I want her to. She was like my drug, I'm addicted to her.

But she's killing me. Okay that's not true, I know how bad I am for her, damn she doesn't even know the real me yet. And she can't know my past but I feel so much for her and.. I do think it's love.

I pressed my lips against her strawberry ones and my hands cupped her soft cheek. I traced the bottom of her lip for entrance but she didn't  allow it. I had kissed many people before, but none felt like this.  The kiss was amazing, it made me feel like i was good enough for her. I didn't want it to stop but we couldn't breathe. We both parted for air before smiling. Her smile the brightest and the most widest, the most I have ever made her smile. If kissing her made her smile this much I would do it all day long. Air or no air.

'You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that' I exclaimed.
Her cheeks flushed pink, man I love it when she does that. She started giggling, the way she giggles really makes me want her more. 

'Kiss me again' I begged.

'Luke, I can't, unless-' 

'Unless what?' I spat.

 Unless what? Unless beau won't be back. Fucking beau. 

'Unless I know it means something' She said before burying her head in her hands. I nodded and slammed my lips on hers , but this time it was less passionate and I didn't mean it, her and beau were stuck in my fucking head. I pulled away and pushed her off me. Storming into the dining room I slammed my fist on the table, her and beau just kept replaying threw my mind. It would not stop. I needed it to stop.

Scarlett's POV 

'Luke what are you doing! First of all this is not your house and second why this mood all of a sudden?' I shouted for what seemed the millionth time today at a boy with bloody knuckles. 
What was wrong with him. The first kiss was amazing, quite surprising at first but the sparks flew threw my body until we parted, electricity filled the room and I felt I would of exploded if it lasted longer.
 The second kiss. The second kiss he didn't even mean, the second kiss meant nothing, the second kiss sent him like this! Standing waiting for reply I wouldn't get, I didn't want to argue with him anymore. The pathetic little arguments that meant nothing, I'm not losing one of my only friends because of a kiss. Talking of friends, where's beau and Jai.

'Wheres beau?' I asked. How could I forget to say Jai. Before I could correct my self Luke interrupted me. 

Luke's POV

Did she just seriously fucking ask me where beau was. What about Jai, her parents, my mum! She doesn't give a fuck about where they are, just where beau is. Beau. She fucking loves him. 

'Do you love him or something?' I screamed. She jumped back and the expression on her face soon changed from angry to scared. I scared her. 

'N-no, I just, I' She couldn't even finish her sentence because of the sudden outburst of laughing I threw in her face. I didn't mean to scare her, but fuck her. If she loves Beau why did she kiss me. Fucking cheating bitch. 

'Can you go please' she asked, tears pouring out her little eyes. The green had disappeared, her eyes were plain and grey. Her smile was no longer existent and her cheeks were stained with her tears. I slowly walked up to her and wiped her eyes. Cupping her cheek I pecked her lips. Her breathing got heavier and her eyes closed whilst tugging carefully at my hair. She was exhausted. I just wanted to pick her up and sleep on the couch with her all day, watching films and eating as much as we can. 

'They've all gone shopping I think' I lightly whispered, but she just nodded her head like she didn't care in the first place. I like this side of Scarlett, the calm  one, the one hugging me, the one who is too tired. Too tired to fight, to walk. I picked her up bridal style and placed her on the sofa on top of me. My thumb swirled around her cheek as I gripped her tightly with my other arm, I'm not letting her go anywhere.

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