Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


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'Scarlett.' I heard someone faintly call me. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. 
'Scarlett wake up' Luke said whilst shaking me softly. 
'No' I moaned dragging out the 'o'. 
'Your phone is ringing, just sayin'.' He said an then left the room. I slowly sat up looking at the time, it was only 10am.  I walked over to my dresser to pick up my phone. It was Sam. I couldn't be bothered picking it up but he was my friend. 
'Hello?' I answered, unsure of what to say.
'Hey, Erm Scar' he replied.
'Yes?' I asked, a hint of confusion adding in my voice.
'I miss you.' He says.
'I miss all of you too.' I say. This is the most awkward boring conversation ever. 
'Have you thought about what I said that night?' He asks.
What does he mean? The night he told me to be his girlfriend?
'Erm yeah' I lied. 
'And..' He asked. What does he mean? I had no idea what to do, whether to tell him I was busy or stay on the phone. I didn't know how to answer Sam, and to my luck I got a knock at the door.
'I have to go Sam, speak later yeah.' I told him. 
'Oh well, goodbye' he said, stuttering his words. I smiled but then realised he couldn't see me from the other end of the receiver. 
'Cya.' I said then put the phone down. 
I put my phone back down on the dresser. I forgot the person was still at the door so I ushered them to come In. One of the pictures from my wardrobe was on my dresser and I have no idea how. It was of me and Tyler. He was my very first 'love' if you will. Long story short he died in a car crash, I was only about 15. It is
A very upsetting subject so I won't go into it. 
The door opened and in walked Luke.
'Who is Sam?' He asked, clenching his jaw. 
'W-what?' I said. Was he listening to my conversation 
'You heard me.' He said, walking closer. 
'Hes a friend.' I told him, what the hell is his problem.
'Is he this friend?' He asked me, walking over to my dresser picking up the photograph of me and Tyler.
'Is this Sam Scarlett?' He asked I'm a more harsh tone than before. 
'N-' he cut me off by ripping up the photo. 
'Luke what the hell are you doing!' I screamed, tears welling in my eyes. 
He ripped it fully in half, I never thought how pathetic he could be, he was capable of so many evil things. I hated him. 
'What are you doing!' I screamed, letting my tears out because I couldn't hold them back anymore. 
'What am I doing? What are you doing with a boyfriend you never told me about.' He said, still as angry. I stood up and walked over picking the photo that was I'm two halves. 
'Thats not sam and he's not my boyfriend! Well he was, but not anymore!' I shouted. 
'What the fuck Scarlett! Are you crazy? Do you see me keeping pictures of my exes?!' He shouted just as loud. For some reason, him mentioning the word Ex really upset me and i do not like imagining Luke with a girlfriend. 
'Luke just shut up.Tyler's fucking dead and that was one of the only memories I have with him!'  I wiped my tears, but there was no point, they just kept pouring out. 
He didn't say a word, his mouths just made an 'o' shape. He stood there like I was the one wrong. I actually despised him. Why the fuck was he still in my room. I pushed him out and shut the door, turning around and sliding down it. I couldn't stop crying. 
'Scar I'm sorry' 'let me in' he repeated but I shut them out and I shut him out. He knocked a few more times until I heard his footsteps down the stairs. I locked my door and fell on my bed. My face was sticky with tears  but I wasn't in the mood to care.
Okay I know this is short and my updates are crappy but I have a really bad case of writers block and yeah 
Please favourite though x

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