Forget about me .

Im the quiet one . The one people dont pay attention to. The one everyone forgets thats stikl in the room . Why do they pay attention to me . Im just a nobody . That was Madison's everyday thoughts ever since two boys have started to notice her.

4. 4

I was was on My way to lunch as I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned my head to see who it was. "hey" it was Joey."hi " I said quietly like always. "I was thinking maybe we could go get some coffee sometime?" He asked kinda shyly which was weird because he was really popular and could have any girl in this school yet he asked me. "uh , sure. I guess you have my number so text me or something" . "okay I will " he said then walked over to his friends. Then my phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up to see who it was. Kimmy-wya? Me-@lunch .Kimmy-ok b there in a min save a seat for me? .Me-mmk I will. I went over to the vending mechine and got a vitamin water and some gummy bears. Then I sat down and put my legs on the seat accross from me. Even though no one was going to sit there besides Kimmy I wanted to save it for her so people didnt think I was a complete loner. Seconds later Kimmy came walking over to me with a pudding cup. "hiyaa gurly." ."hey Kimmy" I said and put my feet down. She stole a gummy bear and sat down. "so whats up?" She asked. Usually the answer is a simple nothing you? But today was diffrent. " I have after school detention and im going to get a coffe with a boy on Saturday." She looked happy and then confused. "why'd you get detention?& who is this boy?" "I got detention for playing with my hair and rolling my eyes. And his name is Joey . He knows were I live and my number but thats another story." Okay tell me tomorrow then. "I will but now I have to goto class so I dont have detention again byeee" ."byeee"
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