Forget about me .

Im the quiet one . The one people dont pay attention to. The one everyone forgets thats stikl in the room . Why do they pay attention to me . Im just a nobody . That was Madison's everyday thoughts ever since two boys have started to notice her.

3. 3

Madisons Pov . Shhhhhhh. Maybe I shouldn't of said that. To late now. So today was Sunday and I did not want to goto school tomorrow. I got in the shower and turned my music on. I sang along to Panic! At the disco - I write sins not tradgities. I got out and changed into some pjs. I brushed my hair and teeth then turned my alarm on. It was 10 so I figured I would get some sleep. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* I smacked the alarm trying to shut it up but I just ended with a sore hand. I got up and dressed and got ready like every other day. I started to walk to school since it was only a few blocks away. I plugged in my head phones and mumbles along to chin up kid by forever the sickest kids. Then I accidently bumbed into someone do to my clumsiness I pulled out one of my earbuds and said "sorry" he smirked "its fine, love" his voice deep and thick. He was a local since he had the accent. I nodded then turned back around heading my previous direction. Once I got to school I headed to my locker and put my coat away. I grabbed a pen and headed to class. -Third hour- I was twisting my hair not paying attention until the teacher snapped at me "Madison, I think you will have pleanty of time to play with your hair in detention , now will you please pay attention to the board." She said handing me a pink slip. I rolled my eyes looking at the slip now in my hands. "would you like to make that after school detention?" She asked Changing my slip from lunch detention to after school. I sighed . I guess I have no choice but to stay after school. After the bell rang everyone left and went to lunch. I
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