Forget about me .

Im the quiet one . The one people dont pay attention to. The one everyone forgets thats stikl in the room . Why do they pay attention to me . Im just a nobody . That was Madison's everyday thoughts ever since two boys have started to notice her.


2. 2

Joey's pov She was beautiful. I have never seen her before. She was American like me . She probably doesn't goto my hool . Im going to text her and ask where she goes right now. J- hey this is Joey. M-hey . J-so I was wondering what school do you goto? Because I havent seen you around here. M- i've been going to London public for almost 2 years . Im 11th grade . J- oh really I haven't seen you there and I've been going there for a couple years now? Im in 11th too. how come out see you around? . M-thats because im really quiet. and your not the only one thats doesnt notice me. No one does. But I like it that way. A/n . Srry for the short chapter I will update every day
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