Forget about me .

Im the quiet one . The one people dont pay attention to. The one everyone forgets thats stikl in the room . Why do they pay attention to me . Im just a nobody . That was Madison's everyday thoughts ever since two boys have started to notice her.

1. 1

Madisons pov Im a nobody. But yet these two guys would say other wise. Let me tell you how this all started. My name is Madison. Im from the states but after my mom and dad split I moved to London. Im in high school 10 th grade. I've been going to this same high school for a year now. So I just started 11th grade a few months back. I've only made one friend. Her name is Kimmy , she is beautiful. She has alot of friends but she only hangs out with me. She has long blonde hair a chocolate brown eyes. I have medium length brown hair and deep blue eyes. But back to the beginning. It started while I was walking home from Starbucks one day. So I had my mocca in one hand holding it close to my body trying to keep warm from the cold London wind. I was walking down the street and someone bumped into me. It made me spill my drink on my hands , it felt good but it was hot and sticky so it was bad too. "oh my gosh , im so sorry are you .?" The guy asked me he looked maybe a year or two older then me. He had green eyes and light brown hair pulled into a quiff. "yeah , im fine dont worry about it. " I replied back. "no no no , let me buy you a new one." His smile was big and bright. "No , you dont have to im fine I was almost home so I dont want to walk over there again. " he looked down to the ground then back at me. " then I will walk you home , its the least I could do" I looked at him weirdly and he was probably thinking "dont worry im not a creep , im only 18 . Im not going to sta lk you." I laughed at his comment and just nodded motioning yes and he laughed. "so what's your name Your name? , a pretty girl like you has to have a pretty name!" I blushed slightly and replied with " Madison . And you? ."Joey " . He smiled really big and handed you a piece of paper with his number on it. "I will see ya later" he said and turned around off your doorstep and walked home.
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