Vas happenin?! Im ALEX and I will be writing imagines. I have fake ones write now but if you want one here is what u have to do.

1: name

2: guy you want

3: what u want the story's mood to be (cute, funny, etc)

4: hair color

5: eye color

6: extra things u want me to put in the imagine


Love, Alex C.


7. Zayn imagine→Olga

Hope u like it:-) Olga's P.O.V I was with my boyfreind, Zayn. We were in the couch cuddling. Zayn was playing with your dark brown hair. He kissed your cheek and you smiled. "Hey babe you wanna go somewhere?" Zatn asked still playing with your hair. "Sure. Let me get ready!!" I said getting off the couch. Before I left I kissed Zayn on the lips and ran upstairs. After I got out of the shower I put on a one direction tank top, white shorts and pink converse. I put my dark brown hair in a high ponytail and ran downstairs. Zayn was asleep so I kissed his neck and he woke up. "Wake up and go get dressed." I told him. He rolled his eyes. "Yes mom." He said sarcasticly. I hit his arm and he pecked my lips and went to get dressed. Me and Zayn walked out of the house holding hands. First we went to the park. Zayn pushed me on the swings and we walked around the park looking at different things. Then we went to the movies and seen smurfes 2. It was the funniest movie like ever. During the movie Zayn kissed me for a few seconds. A little boy looked at us with a "ewwww" face. We laughed and the movie was over so we left. We got out of the theater and we went home. I got out of my clothes and put on Zayns t shirt and hopped in bed with shirtless Zayn. "I love you Olga." Zayn says. "I love you too." I sad. We fell asleep in eachothers arms.
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