Vas happenin?! Im ALEX and I will be writing imagines. I have fake ones write now but if you want one here is what u have to do.

1: name

2: guy you want

3: what u want the story's mood to be (cute, funny, etc)

4: hair color

5: eye color

6: extra things u want me to put in the imagine


Love, Alex C.


10. Harry imagine→Poppy

Harry's P.O.V I was in school and there is this girl named Poppy. She was amazing. She has beautiful light brown eyes, she has gorgeous brown hair, she has really cute freckles and she is just really pretty. But the reason I haven't tried to ask her out is because we are in two different places in school. I'm considered cool and she's considered a nerd. I don't call her a nerd but everybody does and I don't want to lose my freinds. I went to my locker that was beside Poppy's locker. My freinds weren't around so I decided to talk to her. "Hey Poppy!" I said smiling at her. "Uh hi Harry. I don't think your freinds want you to talk to me." She said looking back at her locker. "Well my freinds are not around so I can talk to you." I said. "Oh. Ok!" She said smiling at me. Her eyes were beautiful. "Your eyes are really beautiful!" I said looking at her while she was looking in her locker. She turnt to me and looked shocked. "Really?" She said "Yeah!" I told her. "Thanks! I like your eyes too!" She said flashing a big beautiful smile at me. "Hey I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime." I asked her "Are you being serious?" She said exitedly. "Yep. So do you want to go out with me?" I said looking in her eyes. "I would love too Harry!" She said looking in my eyes. We were still looking in eachothers eyes and then are lips almost touch but then my freinds and the guys that bullied her. Liam and Zayn. They seen we were about to kiss...all the people in the hallway seen we were about to kiss. The guys came over and we were suddenly the center if attention. "Awwww! Poppy was about to share a sweet kiss with Harry. But you know what?" Zayn said. Zayn looked at Liam. "We just ruined it!!" Liam said giving Zayn a high five. "Come on H. Let's go." Liam said. "Yeah don't wast your time with this loser." Zayn added. I looked at everybody looking at us, I looked at Liam and Zayn, and I looked at poppy. She looked like she was about to cry. I held her hand. "No." I told Liam and Zayn. Everybody looked at me with shock but Poppy was smiling. "I am sick of being mean to people that did nothing to me. I like Poppy and she is amazing and beautiful. I am not your freind anymore and anybody else that doesn't like her then your dead to me!" I said. The guys looked like they had got hit in there part and walked away. I smiled at Poppy and she smiled back. Are lips touched and I felt her smile in the kiss. Everybody was clapping and we broke apart. Everybody went back to normal. As time past through the day nobody bullied Poppy. School was over and I decided to drive Poppy home. We laughed the whole way there. Poppy was really funny and kinda bubbly and i thought that was adorable. We got to her house. I got out of the car and walked up tp her door with her. We kissed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and i put my arms around her waist. We broke apart and hugged. "Thanks for helping me with my bullies Harry!" She said. "Your welcome babe! I will pick you up for are date tommorow ok?" I said. "Yeah. I can't wait!" She said. "See you tommorow Poppy!" I said getting in my car. She waved and blew me a kiss. I smiled and drove away when she went inside. Hope you liked it because I did. :-) →♥ Alex C.
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