Vas happenin?! Im ALEX and I will be writing imagines. I have fake ones write now but if you want one here is what u have to do.

1: name

2: guy you want

3: what u want the story's mood to be (cute, funny, etc)

4: hair color

5: eye color

6: extra things u want me to put in the imagine


Love, Alex C.


3. Harry imagine→Carrie

I hope this is what you wanted it to be like. If it's not I will do it again since u are the first person to ask for an imagine. So here u go love. :-) Carrie's P. O. V I was with my older brother Louis to go meet his freinds. He told me they were really nice. He also said he was close to this guy named Harry Styles. I couldn't wait to meet them and see what they look like. But Louis won't let me date any of them. I love Louis but sometimes he's over protective. "Carrie. Are you ready to go?" Louis called to me while I was in my room. "Almost!" I said. I fixed my hair. I left it down. Then I went to the bathroom and put make up on. I had my clothes and shoes on and I kind of ran down the steps to Louis. "Ahhhh look who's finally ready." Louis said. "Shutup." I said and rolled my eyes. We got in the car and I was about to turn the radio on when louis slapped my hand. "Ow! What was that for?" I said. "I need to tell you something." "What is it?" I said looking at him. "I'm reminding you not to try and date one of the guys." Louis said looking serious. I rolled my eyes "Why can't I. I thought they were your best freinds." I said mad. "I know but I don't want you to get your heart broken by any of them. Especially Harry. He's the flirty one and had one night stands." Louis said. He looked serious but his face soft. I nodded and rolled my eyes again. Lou is so unfair. When we got there Louis knocked on the door and a guy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. "Hey Lou. And you must be Carrie. Nice to meet you." He said. I walked in behind Louis. Lou picked me up and stood me on the table. "What are you doing?" I said looking at Lou. He cleared his throat. "Guys. I would like you to meet my little sister Carrie Tomlinson." He said "Wow Louis. What a great way to get me to look stupid." I said I stuck my tongue out at Lou and the guys laughed. I seen a guy with curly hair looking at me and I looked away remembering what Louis said. Just then somebody knocked on the door the blonde guy went to open it and a girl with brown hair with blonde streaks. Her eyes were brown. It looked like she was really fit. She had a blue crop top on and yellow short shorts. She was very pretty. She kissed the blonde dude on the lips. I guess they were going out...she's so lucky "Hi. Im Alex!" She said after she kissed the blonde dude. Just then her eyes turned blue and I jumped and fell off the table. Oh"Oh gosh. It was my eyes wasn't it. I'm so sorry." Alex said. It's ok. I said still on the floor. The guy with curly hair helped me up. He had cute dimples and blueish green eyes. He was so cute. "Hi. Im Harry. Are you okay?" He said. "Yeah." We looked in each others eyes and Louis cleared his throught so we got up. I was introduced to the rest of them and I became close with Niall and Alex. They are like my best freinds. (A few weeks later) I had moved in with Louis and Harry. I'm suprised he let me. Well anyway. There was an extra bed in Lou's room so I slept there. It was late after we were hanging out with the guys so me Harry and louis decided to leave and go to sleep. I was hoping to dream about Harry but I didn't. I had a night mare. When I woke louis was still sleeping so I went to where Harry was. I definitely was not gonna tell Louis this. He would hurt Harry. I got to his room and he woke up. "Hey love. Is there something wrong." He said. "I had a nightmare and lou was still sleep and didn't want to wake him up so..." I said but harry cut me off. "So u wake me up instead?" He said jokingly. "Yup." I said and laughed. He patted the side of his bed and I got in. We were looking at each other's eyes. Then Harry started kissing me. I stopped him. "Harry I'm not supposed to be doing this. Lou said I can't have any feelings for you guys" I said "We dont have to tell him." He said and he started kissing me afain. This time I didn't stop. He started kissing my neck and I moaned softly so Louis wouldnt hear it. He started kissing my chest then stopped. "Do you want to?" He said with lust in his eyes. I don't why but I nodded and he kept going. He started to take off my shirt and then his. He started rubbing my breast and I moaned his name. He then opened my legs wide and slowly put him inside of me. I moanedhis name again and put my back Iin pleasure. I flipped him over and started sucking on his lenght. After we reached are point we collapsed beside eachother and put are clothes on. Then we fell asleep. I woke up and noticed I was still in his bed so I got up and found Louis looking at me and Harry in bed together. I explained what happened. "Carrie. Your going back home." "Why?" I said with tears in my eyes. " I told you not to do anything with any of these guys especially not him!!" Louis said with anger. I walked out of the room. I packed my stuff and was waiting for louis to take me home. I was sitting down when Harry came in. "Before you go I want to ask you to be my girlfriend" "Might as well." I said winking at him. He smirked. I gave him a hug and louis came in. "Let's go Carrie." Lou said giving Harry a death glare. "I'll never forget you Carrie! " Harry said as I walked out of the door. " I will never forgive you lLouis" I said when we were in the car. "It's for your own good." Louis said driving off. That was it. My own brother took something that I love away from me. Hope you liked it. Im not good at sad stories but I got Carrie d away See what I did there? ;-)
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