Vas happenin?! Im ALEX and I will be writing imagines. I have fake ones write now but if you want one here is what u have to do.

1: name

2: guy you want

3: what u want the story's mood to be (cute, funny, etc)

4: hair color

5: eye color

6: extra things u want me to put in the imagine


Love, Alex C.


8. Harry and Niall imagine→Cammy featuring Alex C.

Surprise!!!! I hope you like it Cammys p.o.v I was at starbucks with my freind Alex. We had already bought are coffee. We were about to walk out the door ehen we were knocked to the floor with coffee spilled over us...and it was still hot!! 2 hands were infront of us. We grabbed them and infront of me was Harry Styles!! Infront of Alex was Niall Horan. "Were really sorry we bumped into you guys!!" I said. "No. It was are fault. We should have been looking.' Harry said looking at me. "Hey. What's your names?" Niall said. "I'm Cammy." I said. "And I'm Alex. " Well Alex and...Cammy would you like to go meet the rest of the guys?" Harry said smilling at me. I blushed. "We would but we are kinda soaked and smell like coffee." Alex said laughing. "Oh yeah. Well how about you go home and change and we will wait for you. We really want you guys to come wirh us." Niall said looking deeply in Alex's eyes. She smiled. Then her eyes changed color and the guys eyes widened. "Your eyes just...awesome!! Harry I like..." Niall started. He looked at me and said nevermind. Alex smiled. So we walked to my house with Harry and Niall. We walked in the house and the boys sat on the couch. Me and Alex went in our separate rooms and got changed. I put on a orange striped shirt, white shorts and black converse. Alex's p.o.v I went in my room and changed. I put on a shirt that says. IRISH GUYS ARE SEXY! And on the back is Niall. I put on green shorts with white tighrs and green converses. My eyes turned green and I started laughing. Cammy's p.o.v We walked out of the rooms and the guys stood up. Niall looked at Alex's shirt and smiled. "What??" She said looking around her. I pointed to her shirt. She looked down at her shirt and blushed. "Thanks Alex. I think your quite sexy yourself." Niall said winking I know Alex was melting inside. We were walking out the door. I was holding Harry's hand and Alex was holding Niall's hand. We got to there house and Liam opened the door. He seen me and Alex and smiled big. The guys rolled there eyes and we laughed. We walked in and let go of there hands. "This just in! The single boys Niall and Harry have found themselves a girlfreind. These lovely girls names are..." Lou said pointing at me. I guess this was his way of asking us are names "Cammy." I said. "And..." Lou said pointing at Alex. "Alex." Alex said smiling. We were introduced to the rest of the guys and Alex was like besf freinds with Louis. It was so adorable the way Niall and Harry looked at us. It was time for us to go back home. We waved at the guys. Niall stopped us. "Wait right here me and Harry will be right back." Niall said. He ran off behind Harry. Me and Alex just stood there wanting to know what they were gonna do. 10 minutes later the boys walk out of the room with black suits on. They got down on one knee infront of us. Niall was looking at Alex and Harry was looking at me. They held are hands. At the same time they said "will you go out with me?" Me and Alex smiled at eachother and nodded to them. They got up and hugged us. "We will have rings for you tommorow." Niall said. We laughed. The guys walked us home. We were gonna turn around and hug them but instead they kissed us. We smiled. "We will see you beautiful girls tommorow, yeah" Harry said to us. We nodded. They smiled and left. When we knew they were out of sight we shut the door and screamed. HOW WAS THAT!! I HOPE U LIKED IT CAMMY. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!
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