I Love You (A Niall Horan FanFiction)

Amy Willcocks life isn't brilliant. He dad abuses her and she has no friends at school. She never tells anyone about what happens at home. One day, something magical appears at her doorstep, a long lost something. It changes her life completely. She meets someone else and falls in love with them. Will their true love last forever, or will her dad ruin her life to the very end?


2. Chapter Two ~ My Life Saver

"What do you want with her? She hasn't done anything wrong, has she?" My brother stood up to me. He winked at me while saying it. He came closer to Ben.

"She's a waist of space, like I told her, aren't you, you ugly cow" he slapped me across the face. Oww, that hurt.

"Don't say that to her, or do that to her,you horrible man! She isn't a waist of space, and deserves a life. I'm taking her away from this place. And calling the police for abuse. Pack your things Amy, you're leaving, now, babe."

"Oh no you're not, missy! You're staying right here, where you belong" he spitted in my face while saying it. He slapped me again, much harder.

"Stop" I said, under my face, hoping he would hear me. He did.

"What did you say, young lady? Stop? Well I won't ever stop. Ever!" He went to kick me, but Ben pushed me out of the way, and he got kicked instead. 

"Hah, you deserve beating aswell, should I kill you aswell....."

".... no! Don't, you want me, so please don't hurt him!"

"Amy, go and get you're things packed." I nodded.

I went up stairs and threw all my clothes into my suit case, put my shoes into a different bag. Makeup and hair stuff in a different bag. It took my razor, I'll probably need than, tooth brush and toothpaste from the cupboard, got shampoos and conditioner. OK , I'm ready now. I struggled to get my suit case down the stairs, but someone took it ok of my hands. Ben.

"Thanks, Ben" I whispered. He smiled.

I stepped out side, and walked to his car. 

When I got into the car, I asked Ben "Where are we going"?.

"I'm taking you to a hotel..... Down in London" 

"London! You're taking me to the other side or the country! Ben! Omg. Why didn't you tell me!" I shout. People said London was a bad place.

"Yes I am" he replied, "for your safety. Our dad doesn't know where you're going, so that's good. He can't hurt you any more."

"Ok. But I've never been to London before". I live in a town in Scotland. In the middle of no where.

It was silence for the rest of the journey,


*** 2 hours later ***


"Amy..Amy? Wake up. Were here, in London". I heard Ben say, slightly.

I was in a bed, and Ben was sitting on a chair next to me, with a smile on his face

"Hey, beautiful. How are you?" He asked me

"I feel fine now, thanks. Where are we, by the way?"

"Were in your hotel room, its a nice room" he said looking around the room, nodding his head. "I'm going to stay with you for the first few nights, so you get used to it, and for also, you know."

"Ok, thanks Ben, you've been a big help". I smile at him. He helped me up off the bed

I started to unpack my stuff, and Ben helped me too. I hung my dresses in my wardrobe, put t shirts into drawers, knickers and bras in another one. After half an hour of unpacking I went to sleep. 


"You're next Amy, remember that, hahah"  


I woke up after hearing that. Oh, I thought, must have been a night mare.

I have the same night mare every night. The one where he is leaning over mum, with a knife in his hand, then hears my crying and laughs. That's my worst one. I heard the door knock. I wonder who was it. Ben was asleep. And I don't even know anyone around here. I looked through the little hole. It was a dark, tall shadow. What if he's found us. I opend the door, and it was a young boy. Not an older man, with a angry face, and snarling eyes. The boy had dirty blonde hair. I think it might of been dyed. He was looking down at the floor. When the door opens, his eyes met mine. Oh my! His eyes, a lovely blue colour. He blushed a little. 

"Ermm, hi, aren't you Amy Willcocks?" He asked. He had a really cute Irish accent. What is an Irishman doing in London? I didn't want to be rude and ask.

"Er hey. And yes I am. Can I ask why?" 

He looked down in his hands, which were holding something.

"I live a few doors away from you, and I saw you drop this letter" he said, passing it to me. "I kept it to let you unpack. But I didn't open it." I looked at the letter, and saw my name engraved on it. 

"oh, er thanks" I repled "I didn't even know I dropped it. Or had it". How did this get in my bag? I can't remember putting that in there. 

"Its my pleasure" His smile was gorgeous. He turned around and walked down the dark hallway, looking back at me, and smiled at me again. I half smiled back again. I wasn't sure about him. He seemed, mysterious. I looked down at the note he had given me. Who was it from? I recognize the ha

ndwriting from somewhere. It was him. 

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