I Love You (A Niall Horan FanFiction)

Amy Willcocks life isn't brilliant. He dad abuses her and she has no friends at school. She never tells anyone about what happens at home. One day, something magical appears at her doorstep, a long lost something. It changes her life completely. She meets someone else and falls in love with them. Will their true love last forever, or will her dad ruin her life to the very end?


1. Chapter One ~ The Mad Man

The school bell went, meaning it was the end of the day. I was relieved to get out of school, but scared to go home. Home is different to school you see. Well, one thing is the same. Nobody likes me both places. The difference is the respect. People have respect for me at school, but not so much at home, and you're just about to find out. 

I walk into my house from school. Silence. Nobody's home? Great! I put my rucksack on the floor and go and get something to eat. I'm starving! I haven't had anything to eat today at all! No breakfast, because I wasn't aloud any, and no lunch, because again, I wasn't aloud any. I have never told any one what happens at home. He would kill me if I did. Well, he is going to one way or another. Yeah, so basically, that's my life in a nut shell. I hear the door open. Oh no! I thought. Not him! I hear his heavy foot steps come crashing into the living room, then into the kitchen. When he sees me,he stared at me, with an angry face. That face meant I was in trouble. What have I done now? He walks right up to me, his nose nearly touching mine. He was so close to me that I bet he could hear my heart beating.

"How was your day, you stupid cow?" My dad ask me, staring with his horrible green eyes. "Bet you got G on all your tests, because you're that thick! Ha" He pushed me down on the floor, waiting for an answer

"How was it then!?" He said, kicking me in the stomach. The bruses there had just healed. "Answer me you waist of space!" He was hitting me now. I stood up and said nothing. My dad pushed me up against the wall, and started to hit me all over my body. I'm used to this. I have scars and cuts and bruise all over my body, from my own dad. He got a knife out and started to cut around my rib area. I winced in pain, but didn't cry. He said, if you cry, you're weak, and can't take any pain. Well, I never cry in front of him. I never had and never would. He said that he wanted to kill me, because I'm not good for anything, and that I'm a waist of space. I believe him, of course, not just the killing bit. 

"Go to your room!" He ordered, smacking me around the face while saying it. I jumped from the spot and started to run up stairs. At least i can get away from him. Once I got into my room, I ran to my bed and started to cry. Now I can cry. Everything changed since mum got murdered by him. Things were different. I never see my brother, Ben, because of my stupid Dad saying i couldn't see him. I've had this for 5 years now.


Oh I didn't introduce myself, did I? Well, hi, my Name is Amy Willcocks. I'm nearly 16 years old. I have medium length brown hair, and bluey green eyes. I live with my psycho Dad, who murdered my mum when I was 10. Worst of all, I saw him do it. He looked at me with a happy face on him, as if he's just done something good. I burst out crying, and he just laughed.

 "Don't you ever tell any one, ok Amy!" He shouted at me. I nodded. I didn't understand. "Forget about her, Amy, she didn't care for you, anyway, so what was the point of having her around? She might of well had died. Nobody wanted her. Remember this Amy, sweety." He paused for a few seconds. "You're next Amy. Remember that." He whispered to me. Those words have stayed in my head since that day. It haunts me. He haunts me. 

I have no friends. I'm not aloud any friends. He said there's no point of my having any friends, because none of them will ever care for me, because I'm nothing. And a waist of space. Any way, that's my life. Why would you even want to listen to my life story anyway? Its boring.


I heard heavy foot steps coming up the stairs. Oh no, not again. They stop outside my door. The door handle turns, and the door opens. I was expecting his mean, horrible face, his angry face, like I'm in trouble again, but there was a face I wasn't expecting. A happy, cheerful face. I haven't seen that face for ages. A tear ran down my cheek. Ben was here. Ben, my older brother. I haven't seen him since I was 12. My sad, upset face, turned into a happy face. He picked me up into a hug and kissed me on the forehead. 

"Oh I've missed you so much, Amy" he said, nearly tears in his eyes

"I missed you too, Ben" 

Everything was nearly perfect now.

"How have you been. I haven't seen you in ages!" He said, happily.

"Oh, everything has been fine, I guess. And you?" 

"I've been alright, but missing you. I think about you every day, you know" he gives me another hug, harder this time. 

"Oww!" I screamed. He squeezed too hard on my chest, where my bruises were. 

"What? What the matter?" Ben looked scared.

"Things are different here now, since you know, about mum."

"What do you mean, different. Has dad done anything to you?" He said, sitting on the bed. I signed.

I lifted up my T-shirt revealing my bruised stomach. I saw his reaction, and it wasn't a very happy one. 

"Dad did this?" Ben looked horrified.

"Yes, dad did it. He does it every night. He started since he murdered mum, but never did it when you were around. He says he wants to kill me aswell, because I'm a waist of space, and I don't deserve to live...."

"... and you let him do it to you? Amy, why do you? Why don't you fight back? Why does he do it to my little sis? He's a mad man, sis. Nobody hurts my little sis. We've gotta stand up to him. Be brave, Amy"

"He does it because he knows I won't fight back. He likes to see people in pain. I can't be brave, because he will hurt me even more, so I just let him do his own thing with me. He will never stop. Like he did with mum. We both saw him hurt mum, and saw her end her life. And that's what he will do to me. End my life." 

"No he won't, listen to me Amy, you will get through this, and live a long happy life, full of happiness, someone to love. And I will always be standing by you're side, I prom...." he was interrupted.

"...Amy, get you fat ass down here now you ugly creature. And you to Ben. You can see her suffer" my dad shouted, "or I will kill both

you. AND I MEAN IT!" .


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