A world of fear created by someone wanting revenge. Does it sound fair?
Ellie is born into a world separated into three. One, the cursed. Two, the hunted. Three, the safe. Where will she be? Who will she love?
Rebecca is on the run, from what though?


3. The Blacksmith and Maiden

The blade glints in the morning sun from my open backpack, the hilt incrusted with a single ruby. The word ‘hope’ is engraved in the blade symbolising its past. This weapon was created by a young blacksmith, my great-grandfather.

2010, was the year if I can recall. A young blacksmith stood at his wooden door, looking down at a beautiful maiden, Ruby. With hair the colour of autumn leaves, and wraps around in a morning breeze. Eyes the colour of freshly cut grass, when the blacksmith is in sight a slight shimmer goes through her pupil.

They were in love.

Looking down at his soon to be bride, he imagines the memories they can make, the children they will have. Will it be a girl first or maybe a boy. How will it feel in the morning looking into them fresh green eyes? Will it feel like the air out of his lungs have been punched out, or will it make him have butterflies in his stomach. Whatever the answer was, he would never know.

You see, the love of the blacksmith and maiden were spat upon. The maiden did not grow up in the town, in fact she didn’t grow up in the country, and she was known as the outsider. So no outsider and a local could ever be in love, it was mutiny for the one to do so.

The townsfolk thought that the maiden was putting words into the blacksmith’s mouth, warping his mind. Soon they turned on her when the couple had declared their love for one another.

Ruby, yet a slight young woman, was very confident and pure to her beliefs. Her mind was set on one thing, and that one thing was the blacksmith. But she knew deep down that this could not work. The questions ran around in her head for hours on end. Could their love ever be accepted in the community? Will her foreign words be understood and be repeated ‘Amor?’


First came the names, nothing strong or offensive, just a slight nod and a whisper in the street ‘Traitor.’ The blacksmith would squeeze her hand reassuring her that their love will never be tainted.

Then came the heckles, ‘bitch, he does not love you, commoner, leave our country and take your accent with you.’ Again and again, these were repeated. Ruby, whose mind was set like clay that the love between her and the blacksmith would never end, started to regret. Why did she come to this foreign country, no money and no friends? A community whom did not accept her, what was the point? Love….

The town became more aware of the two lovers, and wanted revenge. No outsider will come here and change the way the blacksmith is, whom is loyal and kind. No…they will stop her and in only one way. Betrayal.

Once upon a time, our betrayal begins, a young woman named Ruby came upon a lie that had been spread. Her beloved blacksmith was having an affair. First she did not believe, but then they showed a picture of a past lover and the blacksmith. She was appalled.

Lies, was the word that came up in her head as she walked up to Eden hill. Lies, lies, lies. Every single one of them, they shall remember her name maybe she will be acknowledged and turned into a tale. ‘Ruby, the outsider, committed suicide for her one true loves betrayal.’ The tale will end with the body being found two weeks later, the carcass covered in flies feasting on the face of once a beautiful young woman.

News had been spread that the beautiful maiden was at Eden hill, the blacksmith roared in anguish as he heard the death of his beautiful fiancé. The Dagger of Rubies rolled around in the sweltering heat. Made for revenge. That revenge did not succeed though.

A barmaid, one of the only friends of Ruby, found the blacksmith with the dagger ready to plunge into his first victim. She nursed him and cooed him. But that hatred still stayed there.

However, Ruby would never return….

Ruby came upon a village to her travels to Eden hill. The village stood in a crest, undiscovered by the blacksmith and community. Entering the village was like a new beginning for her, no one gawked or heckled. Not even a slight nod, peace.

Soon she found out she was heavily pregnant with the blacksmiths first born. She could not possibly go back and grovel to her betrayer. But she needs to for the babies sake.

The town came close as she lifted her hood to the evening rainfall. No sound came from the close by houses; some of the lights in the streets were off leaving the road in complete darkness. The house soon came into eye shot, figures moved in the open window. Two bodies….the blacksmith and the barmaid.

Even though she had moved on, it had still hurt her stomach in a way that crippled her to the ground.

The townsfolk awoken to a new born baby, hardly alive, next to the body of Ruby. Dead.

Distraught with the return of the maiden, they took the baby to the village in the crest and left it there to die.

The baby survived. A baker took the young infant into his home, and made her one of their own. Delilah was her name.


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