A world of fear created by someone wanting revenge. Does it sound fair?
Ellie is born into a world separated into three. One, the cursed. Two, the hunted. Three, the safe. Where will she be? Who will she love?
Rebecca is on the run, from what though?


1. Prologue

Love is war, war is revenge.

The story has been split, lives have been taken, the dead are back...back for revenge.

A cure that could have saved many has now decreased the human race to 40%. From ten to one in a matter of years. Children, adults, the elderly, animals can all be cursed with a single bite...they are one of them. One of the thieves; children called them this. An old fairytale come to life. Adults they know the truth, they call them the un-dead.

Souls; bubble around our bodies, under our skin. They go wherever we go. If something happens to us, they will know. When you die however, they leave you. Leave you in that dark encased coffin forever. Whilst you are trapped down there they are off, searching for a new home. No second glances. No guilty thoughts. They are selfish.

However, when you are alive you need them. They are like an organ it helps you keep going. Can a soul be taken from you when you are alive?

The answer is...yes.

Soulless people, selfish people...the dead.

They will come, find you, and take the soul away. How?

Killing you is the easiest way for them. Just a simple bite and it is all theirs. What will come of you? You will be become one of them, hungry for souls. Cannibals upon your prey, ready to pounce and take another life. This is where you will end, a cycle from body to body...soul to soul.


Arias Grey, a young teenage boy, stands over his beloved grandmother. The old woman is placed into the ground. Mourners surround the young boy, his face is poker straight. No emotion, no tear in the eye, no sick feeling in his stomach. Just a motionless body stood watching his grandmother being buried. You may think he was dead as well, many would think that. That he went down into that grave with his dearest grandma.

He wished.

Arias, was a young big minded boy, encouraged by his grandma to do his best in everything. Science. That was his love, from the meaning of life to a chemical reaction. Science was his life.

One day an idea came to him, what if you could bring the dead back. Your loved one’s back with you, so you can go on strolls and create memories again.

But how?

Science of course. The idea came to him on a winter morning days after Christmas; he was now sixteen and had become a friendless teenager. He preferred to be in his room/lab then with ‘idiotic teenage boys’ he recited once again for his affectionate mother.

Collecting bits of wire from his house and the streets, he came back and started the experiment. A storm was due tonight, a big one at that. All he needs is one more thing, a human.

Arias Grey takes to the night, midnight is drawing in. A teen, his age, stands outside his home. Arias approaches, knife raised. The boy falls to the ground. Knife in hand, blood on face he drags the young boy to the Grey household. Fortunately, no lights were spotlighting on the boys. They were hidden from the nosy neighbours and the push of three buttons on the phone. The year 2013 ends with the crack of lightning hitting the Grey’s home.

Minutes later the year 2014, a young boy leaves the house looking almost human but not quite human.

Arias had done it; the dead can come back and live upon the human race.

How Arias was wrong.

 Instead of waiting for the crack of lightning, Arias and two scientists found another way. Upturning the bodies and injecting them with the cure. It worked...for a while.

2020, the Upturning year, where everything turned from good to bad. One slight glitch and souls were taken. As the dead arrived the living were leaving. Arias Grey and his young family were in hiding. Pride still upon him, he leaves the shelter.

Arias Grey, the creator of the cure, was killed by his own grandmother.

Since then, Earth has been split into three. Call them districts or territories, whatever you like. You are sectioned into one of these districts, not on purpose but by fate, what will happen to you or what has already happened.

One: the cursed, Artem.

Two: the hunted, X.

Three: the safe, Utopia.

Each district is in different parts of the world: the East, the Middle East and the West.


I don’t know yet, still just a foetus of 8 months. Soon, I will find out. But would I want to come in a world like this? Always in fear of being cursed, losing loved ones. Can I choose? No, I will have to wait. Wait until the end.


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