Animal Lust

Delilah was found, no memory and no knowledge of who she is. With a delilah in her hand, she was taken into a shelter that she only thought she would be safe.

Conor left everything he loved to work for his family. With his companion, Berach, he did the dirty work of the scum of the earth.

When the Wall fell, so did the barrier that kept different species apart and peaceful. War ravaged the world, now that the only thing that has kept everything alive is dying. With the help of Conor will Delilah will discover she is far more than she ever imagined and that she is one of few that could change the course of the world.


1. The Nightmare is Called Home

     The sound of the hushed voices in the foyer wasn't helping her situation at all. She had expected maybe only a few like 5 or 10 but by the sound of those out there, there was way more than she had hoped for. And that was horrible. The backstage was busy as people tried to ready everyone and dress the prisoners who were meant to showed off  and bid upon. Only the humans were roaming around and the other creature were tied up and getting ready. 
     "All right my little pets. Almost time for the show."  The Master said as he walked out from behind the door of his private office. He was a slim man, not many humans were as plump as there were ten years ago. He stood well over her and had only a face full of hair, the top his head was bald. But that only gave more to his evil look. His eyes were sharp and alert as he looked over the many other creatures that were tied, chained, and caged in the room. 
     Delilah curled in closer on herself in an effort to make her look smaller so he wouldn't notice her. But just her luck that he would see her just because she moved. 
In brisk, sure steps he walked over to her and squatted down so she was under his body. 
     Unlike some of the other men and girls here, she was kept in chains. Some were weak enough to be tied and some were to strong and were kept in cages, but she was weakened enough to be chained. Having blood only once every few days will do that to her kind. 
    "Are you ready for your first showing, darling? It'll probably be your last since your kind don't last long here, but nevertheless it will be exciting. You are only the third vamp to come in these halls and you won't be the last to go." His voice was teasing, light. Unusual for the Master, but then again this is one of the best times for him. Then all the happiness drained from his face and he became serious. "If you fuck this up for me I will use you and then dump you on the streets where I found you. Remember what you were taught. Tease them, show a bit of skin, and some dark side. You are too sweet and they won't buy a weak woman."
He raised up and then walked to the other women and a few other men. 
     A shiver passed through Delilah as she settled down and wrapped her arms around herself.  She hated that man. He thought she should be grateful for him saving her from a life on the streets. But she would a like as a slave than spending the past 4 years here in a hell hole. 
     Four years in a whore house will nearly kill someone. Women were bought and sold; some kept here to be used to allure men. The men were used in heavy lifting and only a few that were beautiful enough were sold. 
     This place rotted souls and corrupted good people. A girl that was here before Delilah was found, a sweet and kind girl, was now a regular whore. Sold for pleasure and defiled by all. 
     Delilah was merely 15 when the Mater had found her. Curled up underneath a porch step, no memories of her past and no hope for the future. Then he had seemed like an angel come to save her, but as she saw what he did she began to despise him. He saved her from being sold sooner because she would bring in more money when she was more grown and The Devil's Corner would get a bad rep for having a child here. 
    "Delilah, honey, it'll be okay." Rose, a beautiful human/nymph, said as she sat closer to Delilah. She was one of the few that were bound by rope. 
She looked at the beautiful women and smiled. Rose had been sort of a mother figure since she's been here. She wasn't a whore simply because she was a nymph and was seen as more sold. Rose was special, unlike other nymphs she didn't need sex to survive, the human part of her saved her from being just another whore in a dirty little corner. 
     "Rose, I hope you get taken by someone who will honor you. You deserve nothing better."  Delilah loved this women and hated to see her be taken by just another man eager to have another women to please him. 
     "Oh, Delilah. It'll be okay. Don't worry about me, just about yourself. You have to be who you are inside."  She reached a hand out and pressed it to Delilah's chest, right over her heart. "Follow your heart. You have someone out there that will be good to you. Don't let this man's cruelty ruin you for someone else."
     Right on time, the crowd outside got quite and Delilah could hear The Master's footsteps as she walked out on stage. Some of his helpers, who women dressed in see through material, even then covering a little as possible, took a nymph women and stood her up. They took off her ropes and lead her to the middle of the stage. 
     "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your place of guilty pleasures." His voice dipped low into the hypnotizing pitch, catching everyone's attention. "Your place of fun. The place where any fantasy you can dream come true. We have a very special gift for you tonight and I know you will enjoy the little present I have for you. But for now let's start with something that will get your taste buds ringing."

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