Ever After

-3rd book to Heart breaker. read heart breaker and without you if you haven't already :) -
The two new couples: Hailey & Louis and Becca & Niall are happily together. They have all moved back to London. Hailey has moved in with Louis and Becca has moved in with Niall. Jake and Josh both have gotten over Hailey and Becca. It seems like a happily ever after but is it really? What happens when feelings and jealousy creeps in? True love will be tested and hearts will be broken. Find out more in:
Ever After


3. Rumours




"BECCA GET UP!!! TIME TO GET UP NOOOOOW!!!  YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW!!" I heard loads of voices scream. I lazily lifted one of my eyes. I saw Liam, Zayn and Harry jumping on mine and Niall's bed. Just what I need!

"WHY CAN'T I SLEEP?!?!" I screamed as I opened my eyes, now fully awake.

"WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO!" Harry screamed

"WHY ARE WE SCREAMING?!" I screamed 

"I DON'T KNOW!" Liam screamed back and everyone laughed but there where a laugh that missed.....Niall's

"Please let me sleep" I heard Niall mumbled beside me

"Me too" I said and dragged the duvet over my head and closed my eyes 

"NO DO NOT SLEEP NOW!" I heard Louis screamed

"I HAVE TO OKAY?!" I screamed as someone pulled away the duvet. It was Zayn.

"Niall save me" I said as I rolled over to Niall and hugged him. he hugged back

"AWWWW!" I heard Zayn trying to mimic a girl's voice.

"That was such a bad imitation!" I said to Zayn. He pretended to look hurt.


I heard yelling and that Becca said Niall save me and I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I returned the gesture.

"AWWWW!!" Zayn said in a girl's voice.

"That was such a bad imitation!" Becca said to Zayn. He pretended to look hurt.

 I took my hand under her chin and lifted her head up and she looked me in the eyes. Those same eyes that I fell in love with.

"Well, guys, let's leave them alone. Time for Louis and Hailey to get the morning treatment!" Harry said rushing off to Hailey's room.


I lifted my eyes. I saw Louis looking back at me with his blue eyes. Was he staring at me this whole time?

"Creep" I teased Lou, ruining the moment.

"Well sorry if you hated the fact that the most sexiest and cutest man on Earth is madly in love with the hottest and prettiest girl in the world and the whole of carrot land!"

I looked down, blushing. He still has that effect on me.

"Carrotland?" I said, lifting an eyebrow.

"Yup! Noone makes it past carrotland but you, Hailey, are an exception." He winked. Despite its' immatureness, it still was really romantic.

Just then, Harry, Liam and Zayn stormed in.

"Yes, you can come in" I said sarcastically.

"Looks like we ruined another 'moment'?" Liam said smirking.

"No-" I began when Louis cut me off. Of course, he HAD to be his sassy self!

"Actually, yes. You were ruining a moment between us two. And don't worry we'll return the favour for you guys as well!"

Harry, Liam and Zayn looked really scared. They knew that Louis was the master at revenge. With that, they all ran out of our bedroom to god knows where!

I got dressed while Louis showered. I decided to go downstairs and see what everyone was up to. I saw Niall and Becca getting cozy on the couch while the rest of the boys were stuffing their faces in the kitchen.

I went inside the kitchen to see the boys unusually quiet.

"Hey guys....." I said

No reply.

"Why are you-" I began.

"Just look at the magazine." Zayn said, tossing we a copy of Teen Vogue.

Liam and Harry seemed a bit guilty but Zayn's expression was.....less guiltier than the others? I don't know.

I flipped through the magazine until I saw something that spotted my eyes.


Hailey, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, was caught on top of Zayn at the airport a few days ago. This obviously means something. Is Houis breaking up? Is a Zailey relationship about to form?.....

That's all I needed to read. I sat down on the nearest chair beside me. I face palmed myself. Things are so messed up right now. When I looked up, I saw Louis reading the same article which I briefly read.


Again, sorry for the short chapter :(

guys, read our comment on the comments section below about the band name thing.


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