Ever After

-3rd book to Heart breaker. read heart breaker and without you if you haven't already :) -
The two new couples: Hailey & Louis and Becca & Niall are happily together. They have all moved back to London. Hailey has moved in with Louis and Becca has moved in with Niall. Jake and Josh both have gotten over Hailey and Becca. It seems like a happily ever after but is it really? What happens when feelings and jealousy creeps in? True love will be tested and hearts will be broken. Find out more in:
Ever After


1. England



My outfit:


I am going back to England. Wow! I have missed that place a lot! So now Hailey and Louis are together and me and Niall are still together. Me and Hailey are going to leave America and moving in with each of our boyfriends. I really love America but I love London more!

We were going on our own private jet. Fancy! Let's just say that I'm not a fan of flying. But as long as my Nialler's there with me, it should be okay I guess.

"Becca we need to go of the plane now" Niall said to me

"Coming" I said and took his hand. I love him so much.

"So are you ready for the screaming girls and those cameras?" he said 

"Yeah but wait I just need to take my hoodie off! it is so warm" I said and took of my hoodie and had my I love Niall tank top (He didn't know I had one) 

"Oh  and Becca I like your shirt and I love you too" He said winking and took my hand again.

"I like it to" I said and we started walking inside the airport Louis and Hailey here. They got in their own car so they should be coming here any minute now.

"Hey guys! Missed us?" Hailey shouted, running over to us, with Louis tagging on behind her. 

"Yeah! A ton!" Niall said rolling his eyes in sarcasm.

"Shut up! I know you guys missed us!" she joked.

"She's right! Well, I'm not sure if you missed her, but I know for a fact that you missed your BooBear! I mean, who doesn't?" Louis sassed.

"You're so....UGH! I hate you!" Hailey said pouting.

"I love you too" he said kissing her on her lips.

Niall and I forced those to apart because we had to get on the plane. 

(After plane journey)

"Hi!!" Harry, Liam and Zayn said at the same time when we came out of the plane.

"Hi! It's been a while since I saw you guys!" I said and hugged them and then walked back to Niall. Hailey and Louis came from behind us, messing around. 

"Hey guys!" Hailey said. Or well, more like TRIED to say. She was too busy laughing about something Louis had said or done.

'Woah! Calm down there girl!" Harry said smirking.

"Hi you must be Hailey" Zayn said, smiling a small smile.

"Yeah that's me" She said

"Hello? Has everyone forgotten about Nialler....." Niall said sadly.

"Oh sorry hi!" Harry said and ran over and hugged Niall and Louis

"Haz, I can't believe you didn't hug me first!" Louis complained.

"Awwww! Lou, you've got me!" She said, kissing him. Louis' face instantly brightened. Wow! She has a huge affect on him!

"Hi! Becca!" Liam and Zayn said together. What's up with these boys and timing?

"Let's go and get our ears destroyed" I joked and Niall took my hand. We started to walk to the screaming fans but it was security so we didn't have to worry that much.

"Okay, come here" A security guard said and showed us to a car.

"Okay so if it is okay can you and I go home to ours?" Niall asked me .

"Okay but what about Hailey?" I said

"I think she is alright with Louis" He said.

"Okay" I said and kissed Niall on the cheek

"Oh not just a kiss on the cheek" He said and winked. 

We got inside the car. We were the first ones, where is everyone else?

"Oh yes" I said 

"Okay then" He said and kissed my cheek. 


Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=92968008

We saw the screaming fans pressed up against the glass separating us from them. "Don't worry, You get used to them" Zayn whispered in my ears.

I just smiled back at him. Louis noticed and he put his hand around my waist and pulled me in to him. "You okay, Lou?" I asked.

"Yeah" he said smiling. 

Just then, a fan threw something at us. I think it was a bra. Gross. I tripped over it, being the clumsy person I am. I fell on top of Zayn. Talk about awkward.

"Ughhhh.....sorry, Zayn. I'm just really clumsy" I mumbled. Someone save me from this awkward situation!

"It's fine" He said walking away, without making me any eye contact.  I noticed, I had ruined his hairstyle by doing that. He didn't even complain or fix it. I know how much he loves his hair.

I guess I'm not the only who noticed. Harry, Liam and Louis stared at him shocked. 

"Weird, he would start complaining if anyone did that to his hair" Liam said strangely. 

"I don't know. Guess, he's in shock" I said.

Harry, Louis and Lima looked at me and started laughing. 

"You're funny!" Harry said.

"Oh god! Please don't say that, it puts pressure on me that I have to say something funny" I said pleading. It's true. I don't mean to be funny.

"You and Louis are perfect for each other!" Liam said copying his per-fect from BSE video.

"I saw what you did there!" I said, smiling.

I didn't realise that we had reached the car by this time.

"About time!" Becca said angrily.

I looked over at Zayn. He was just looking down at his feet. 

"is he always this quiet?" I asked to Louis.

"No, not really" He said.

"guess, he's on his man period...." I said.

"Guys! You do know I can here you! And no, Hailey, I'm NOT on my man period!" He smiled.

He realised that he said that out loud and everyone was staring at him

I just burst out laughing with everyone else joining me.


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