The Gifted

Ally, Justin, and Emma aren't normal teens. They are different. They have to move schools every year because they either blew it up or kids have seen them in action. They are the people who run. They are the people that you should be scared of. They are they are the people you never see twice. They are the Gifted.


2. The call from the bathroom.

 Ally's POV

Ugh new school. Ugh new kids. Ugh new teachers. Ugh new life. I'm really used to it know. This year we are going to Georges Regional High School. We are in New York now. No one knows us. We've been running for 3 years now. There out there and we know it. We need to find the other 12. I found Emma in Texas and Justin in Hawaii and i was stationed in California. I needed to find the others to find the others so we can fight the District.


I am waiting for Emma and Justin at school and i am starting to get worried. its been like 15 minuets and that a long time for us. One thing we all have is ADAHD and dyslexia. ADAHD is good to have for us because it helps you in combat by paying attention to everything that is around you. We have dyslexia because our brains are trained to read our language not English (or whatever language you speak in the area where we are living it is English). Right now I'm in math. Ugh I hate math. Justin and Emma are supposed to be here. I raised my hand and ask the teacher if I could use the bathroom. He said yes and I could use the bathroom. He said yes and I get in the bathroom and call Emma. No answer. I call Justin. He is screaming. And all i can think is this can't be good. 


Authors note:

Hello you to know that i use for them talking ok ok cool.

Name:blah blah blah


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