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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


4. You're everything to me; I need you.

When I woke up the next morning, I didn't know where the hell I was. Then, after looking around a couple more times I realized I was at Liam's his his clothes. I tried to remember last night, but my memory was really fuzzy and it gave me a massive headache. The only thing I was certain about from yesterday is I was drinking and ended up from coming with Ryan to going home with Liam. Il eventually when I'm fully sober I thought to myself as I sat up in bed. 
"LEEYUMMM", I yelled. 
When he came in the room a few minutes later, he was carrying a tray and set it in my lap.
"Breakfast in bed for my princess?", he said kissing the top of my head.
"You even got me Starbucks?". I said and he smiled at me. 
"I'm just trying to show you how special you are to me, you said I had to prove it right?", he said. 
"Liam, I love what you did for me but one thing isn't going to be enough proof for you", I told him.
"I know that. I know you better than you know yourself you seam to forget that babe, but I'm going to prove it to you today, just wait for what I have planned", he said giving me a sexy grin.
I bit my lip. "Okay good luck with that", I told him.
"I know the way to your heart, Brooklynn", he responded gazing into my eyes. 
"Yah don't say that again", I said laughing. 
"Why? I got you to laugh..", he said. 
"There's other things you can do to get me to laugh, and because that was just weird", I said.
"Well I tried", he responded giving me a puppy dog face. 
"Yeah you did", I said giving him a kiss on the cheek, then eating my breakfast. When I finished, he took my tray and did the dishes while I found something to wear. I opened the drawer I always used when I slept at his house, and found everything I left in there before. 
I pulled out a v neck t-shirt and some jeans, straightened my wavy mess of a hair, and put on some flats, spritzed some perfume, threw on some makeup and joined Liam in the kitchen.  
"You look absolutely gorgeous", he said smiling at me. 
"Thanks", I said feeling my cheeks getting hot. 
Before I knew it, we were out the door and I climbed into the passenger seat of his car. Once we started driving, I realized I had a headache still so I rummaged through my purse until I found the aspirin. 
"Can I?", he said. 
I nodded, and handed him one.  "Hangover?", I responded. 
"Oh, just a little but not too bad, what about you?", he said. 
"A little, but you know I always get headaches", I said and he smiled a little. 
"So, where are we going?", I asked. 
"You'll see", he responded and I sighed. 
"You know I hate waiting", I teased him. 
"Well you'll have to be patient babe", he said. 

In no time, we arrived and I think I had it all figured out: we were at an amusement park, but not just any amusement park…the place where we first fell in love. It made me tear up just thinking about it.  "Is everything okay?", Liam asked me.
"Oh no, I'm fine it's just...", I said not knowing what to say. 
We got out of the car and he gave me a huge hug, wrapping his arms tightly around me. 
"You did this on purpose didn't you? The place where I first fell in love with you", I said resting my head on his shoulder. 
 "Well, I told you I was gonna make you fall for me again",  he told me. 
"The problem is I already fell for you...I just need proof that you really are gonna be there when I need you...that you really are gonna try harder to make this work and not leave me", I explained. 
"I know, and I've just gotta convince you that I will", he said. 
"Oh my god", I said. 
"W...what?", he responded staring at me like i was crazy. 
"I forgot about the paparazzi", I told him feeling stupid. 
"Well love they shouldn't be too bad today", he told me and held out his hand. 
I took it and nodded "I hope you're right".  

We went on virtually every ride, and were about to get on the Ferris wheel when it hit me: I guess I could give him one more chance, lord knows I wanted him more than anything and he wanted me and really did love me, and I mean he realized his mistakes and everything, plus he is trying really hard to work at this. 
We sat down, and he put an arm around me. 
"I want you to know Brooklynn, I know every other time I really screwed up. But, I love you more than I've ever loved anybody else, and I promise I will never hurt you again", he sincerely told me, and I saw tears in his eyes. 
"Now why are you crying?", I asked him in my sweetest voice planting my lips against his. 
"Because you're everything to me and I just don't want to loose you baby", he said. 
"And I feel the same way about you, so I want to be yours again", I said snuggling up close to him as we got to the top of the Ferris wheel.
"Wait are you saying that...wait wait wait... Brooklynn Rose Johnson, will you by any chance be my girlfriend?" Liam asked me. 
"Yes, I'd love to", I said smiling at him. He kissed my lips, and we started to walk back to the car after we got off the ride. 
"My feet are tired", I complained a little. 
Next thing I knew, he sweeped  me off my feet and carried me bridal style. I laughed. 
"I love you", I said as he carried me all the way back to the car. 
"I love you more", he teased getting in the drivers seat.
"You know that's not possible", I told him and he laughed. 
"You're so cute babe", he said grabbing my hand. 
"Wow im only cute okayy", I said and he laughed. 
"Oh you want to be like this now? Well two can play this game! You are the fucking sexiest woman I have ever met, and ever will meet and just the sight of you turns me on", he responded giving me the sexiest look ever.
"Thanks Liam!", I said totally blushing. 
"Damn you are so cute when you blush", he said as we pulled into his driveway. 
"Face it I'm cute all the time", I said and he smacked my ass. 
"Yes you are baby", he responded.  
Liam unlocked the door to his house, and we went inside.
"I um have to call Eleanor", I responded. 
"Okay anything for my baby", he said. 
"But my phone just died can I use yours please?", I said and he pulled his out a few seconds later. 
"Here", he said handing it to me. 
"Thanks!", i said. 
"No problem", he said as I took it and dialed the number. 
"Um hello...Liam?", she said. 
"Oh no it's me, Brooklynn", I responded. 
"Oh okay, hi!", she replied. 
"Hey babeee!", I said. 
"Guess what?!"
"Ooh what?"
"Welll, me and Liam are back together!"
"Are you reallly? I knewwwww it!!"
"Yah but I didn't just say yes right away I made him prove some things and then decided I loved him too much really!" 
"As long as he doesn't hurt you, then that's wonderful.  But I suppose if you're happy, then so is you're best friend"
"Did you tell the other girls yet?"
"No I wanted you to be the first one to know!"
"Oh I see, well I feel extra special"
"You should hun"
"Oh my god, I just remembered something you can come with us to the holiday house!!!"
"Oh yay I love it there when are you guys going?"
"Well you know Liam's the one who set it up, but were going in three weeks from today"
"Oh I can't wait, girl!"
"I know right it's gonna be amazing!!!"
"Well you have fun with Liam tonight, you up for shopping tomorrow? Me you Demi and Perrie?"
"Sounds great, pick me up from Liam's"
"Tell him I'm dropping Louis off so he doesn't mess up our house I just spent all day cleaning, well lord knows Perrie helped me but still"
"Haha, okay see you tomorrow!"
"Alright bye love youuu"
"Love you too!!"

"Here's your phone babe", I said. 
"Oh, and El wanted me to tell you that we're going shopping tomorrow and she's dropping Louis off so he doesn't  'mess up the house she and Perrie cleaned' ".  
"Oh my, okay", he responded. 
"Oh, and were all going to the holiday house in a couple weeks, I can't wait!!", I brought up sitting down on the couch. He sat down next to me, and said "ohhhhhhhh yah that's right!".  


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