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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


5. With my girls

You know, I really missed having you around", he said. 
"What do you mean babe? I'm just sitting here doing nothing right now", I said and he laughed.
"Yes I know, but just having you here with me...", he responded.
"You're so sweet", I said kissing his lips. 
"I try babe", he responded.
"I'm really tired Liam", I responded.
"Okay then lets go to bed, Brooklynn", he said smiling at me.
We laid down in his bed, and he turned the tv on, with both arms wrapped around me. I fell asleep like that. 

The next morning, I woke up to Liam kissing me. 
"Hey Demi called, they'll be here soon", he said.
"Oh and good morning beautiful!", he added in. I kissed him back. 
"Good morning", I responded slowly getting up.
"Hmmm...what should I wear?", I thought out loud.
"Anything, you look beautiful in anything you wear baby", he said kissing my neck.
"Thanks! But are you trying to kiss my ass?", I responded.
"No not even close", he said.
I laughed at that, and threw on a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans, curled my hair and put on some makeup.
I heard the doorbell and figured it was them.
I grabbed my purse, and walked into the kitchen. Then, I saw Louis.
"Louis!", I said.
"Brooklynn!", he responded.
"Well what are you waiting for? Come and hug me!", he said and I laughed.
I have him a huge hug, and he smiled.
"I missed you!!!", he exclaimed.
"I missed you!", I responded!
"Okay, let's go girls!", I said and they agreed.
"Bye Liam", I said kissing him.
"Bye have fun, and here take this", he said hanging me his credit card. 
"Thank you baby. I love you", I said.
"I love you too", he replied smiling at me.
"Bye Louis!", I said.
"Bye babe", he replied giving me another hug.

Then, we all piled into Eleanor's car and she said "Did you have breakfast yet?".
"Uhm, no", I responded.
"Neither have we, how's Starbucks sound?", she said.
"Faaaaaaantastic!!", I replied and we all laughed.

We pulled up and got some Starbucks.
"It's on me, I got Liam's credit card", I said.
"Yay!", Eleanor and Demi both said at the same time.
"OHMYGOD!", Perrie said.
"What?!", I said.
"I just thought of something- we can get all new outfits for the holiday house...and we can get matching stuff too!", Perrie said all excited.
"Oh Perrie, that's a great idea!", Demi said and I nodded in agreement.
"I love shopping, okay, now you got me all excited", I said and Eleanor quickly followed up with "You're so adorable I love you". 
"Well I love you too, awe thanks", I said and she smiled.
"Wait, why wouldn't you be excited about shopping before?", Perrie asked.
"Probably because she wanted to stay back and have sex with Liam all day, you know make up for lost time", Eleanor said and I blushed.
"Ouuuu, stop it! We have not yet", I replied.
"Yah maybe not in this relationship honey, but you have before", Demi reminded me.
"You have a point there Dem, but still no I'm gonna wait a little..see if we really do last", I said and they looked a little uneasy with that response. Finally, Eleanor spoke up: "Well you better last, I mean you guys are, and always were perfect for eachother. I mean, you were apart but you found eachother again because true love, hello", she said and I giggled a little. 
"Yes, because true love", I said and they all laughed.
"you are so damn cute, it's gonna kill us alll", Perrie said.
"Yah, like a little sister!", Demi added in.
"Is this all because I'm the youngest?", I said and they smiled.
"Well maybe the little sister part thanks to Demi, but nah you're still cute it dont matter", Eleanor said and I smiled.
"You know, i am 19...", I said.
"Yes we know love", Perrie said.
"I love you guys!", I told them.
"Awe, love you", Eleanor said.
"Love you more babe", Perrie said. 
"But I know you love me the most, and love you tons", Demi said last as we parked and got out of the car, headed towards the mall.
"You know, it's amazing to me that you jumped back so's like you were never gone", Perrie said and I thought about it for awhile as we walked into our first store of the day, Hollister. 
"Yah you're right well i was here for so long that might be what it is I'm just reallly glad I'm back!", I explained and we started pulling things off racks, from shorts to tanktops to swimsuits to dresses to tops to jeans to skirts to shoes...well basically everything. 
"You have to try this on, you have to!!", Demi said handing a black dress to me.
"I don't know black isn't really my color...", I said.
"I guarantee you Liam will think it's sexy..", she said and I took it without question. Even though I was putting it mostly on him to put in effort and make this relationship work, who said he can't use a little..umm help with that. 
I slipped the dress on over my head, and saw that it was absolutley gorgeous yet very provocative at the same time. It fell just below my knee, was low cut and pretty tight, showing off my curves really well.
When I stepped outside to show the girls, I saw just by the look on their faces that they were thinking the same thing I was thinking. 
"If I was Liam, the only thing I'd be thinking about after seeing you in that dress is how to get you out of it", Perrie said and that made me laugh. 
"Oooh, now try these on for me!", Perrie said handing me a pile of things.
"Me next!", Eleanor said.
"But I've got more guys..", Demi said. All I could do once again, was laugh.
"Y'all are hilarious", I said and they thought that was funny once again.
The day carried on, and might i say it was a very successful shopping day with my girls.
"We just gotta get you to walk in them heels", Demi said.
"I still don't see why you talked me into getting heels that big you know I'm clumsy...hello blonde", I said referring to my own hair.
"Ill teach you", Perrie said.
"Two blondes really? This could be dangeroussss!", Eleanor sang. 
"Oh whatever", Perrie said and I cracked up.
"Thrn up the music this is mah jam", Demi yelled. Again, I started laughing.
I blasted the music, and we started rocking out to "Power Trip" by J Cole and Miguel.
"OOOH HERE'S THE BEST PART!!!", I yelled and then sang "Would you believe me if I said I'm in love baby I want you to want me". 
When the song ended we pulled into the driveway of Liam's house and all got out. To my surprise, all the boys even Harry were over and I screamed when I saw them.
First, like usual I attacked Zayn.
He kissed me on the cheek while giving me a tight ass hug.
"I missed you soooo much!", I said.
"I only missed you more though", he responded and all I could do was smile. Then I gave Niall and Harry hugs, then Louis and finally Liam. He spun me around. "So did you have fun spending all my money?", he said and I laughed.
"I'm sure you have plenty left babe, but we do need some bags to be carried in...", I sAid giving him a look. 
"Boys, guess we gotta carry some, ten thousand bags in", Liam said and they all rolled their eyes.
"Nothing new", Niall said.
"Excuse me?", Demi responded.
"I mean no problem", he said winking at her.
"But don't worry I have an idea on how we can reward y'all...", Demi exclaimed.
"Oh really, how?", Harry said.
"Harry not you, get an actual girlfriend and then keep talking", Demi responded. "Anyways...", she added in, "were gonna put on a little fashion show, yeah".
"Oh, we better carry those bags in fast", Zayn said.
One by one, the bags started piling up.
"Oh Demi, this ones yours, here Perrie this is for you, oooooh this is mine, and this is also mine", I said handing out bags Liam had just brought in.
"Keep them coming", Demi said.
"How many frisking ass bags are there?!", Louis complained.
"Zip it: I know you want the reward babe", Eleanor said kissing Louis.

Soon enough, we had all the bags, and dragged them into Liam's room do we could try them on, one outfit at a time.
"I feel like I should put the dress that you picked out for me last D", I said.
"Yah sexiest outfit last!", Perrie said in agreement.

After trying almost everything on and receiving a lot of comments, some dirty and tons of kisses, it was time for the dresses.
"Oh my god...look at you Eleanor!!", I said.
"No Brooklynn look at you!", she said and I gave her a huge hug.
"Guys, get in the picture were gonna instagram this!", Perrie yelled.
"You and social networking...", I responded and she laughed.
"Well what can I say?", she said and we jumped in the picture.
"Aaaaannnnnddd..posted it!", She said cracking us up.  
As we exited the bedroom, we headed into the room where the guys were, one by one (me last and Eleanor was first)
"Wow El!", I heard and a "You look really sexy babe", from Louis obviously. 
Then it was Perrie.
"Oh my god Perrie!", and "Wow baby you look hot!" I heard.
Then it was Demi.
"Ooh baby", and "Oh my god Demi you look absolutley gorgeous and I can't even help myself", I overheard. But when I walked into the was like fireworks went off. I heard a lot of "oooohs and aaahs, and wooos". And I could've sworn I saw Harry drooling as I made my way towards Liam.
"Damn look wow I dont even know what to say except are you trying to turn me on, cus of you are you've done waay more than that", Liam told me then started to kiss me over and over again.
When he stopped, I said "Now aren't you guys all excited for the holiday house?".
"Might be a lot of sex at that place", Zayn said and Perrie smacked him.
"Oww, I was just telling the truth love", he said and she grabbed his face and kissed him.
We got changed back into our clothes from earlier, and soon after that everyone else left except for me and well Liam.

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