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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


6. It sure would be nice if you did

Hey, do you wanna go to my house Liam?", I said sweetly.
"um yah sure babe", he said.
"Oh okay, well what are we waiting for, ayee?", I said and he smiled, kissing my lips slowly and more passionently.
"Or maybe we could just stay here", I said as he shut his bedroom door tight.
"I think that's a good idea", he responded.

I can't believe that after telling all the girls I would wait to do that, I gave in. I couldn't help myself.  He was really gentle, almost as gentle as how he was for my first time. 
"You were really tight babe", he said to me the next morning.
"Yah because I wasn't sure if doing that right away was the right thing or not Liam", I responded.
"Well it felt right", he said and I nodded.
"Yah you're right, it did", I said and he kissed my lips.

(Two and a half weeks later)
"now lemme see you wop wop wop wop wop wop", the music played as I started to pack for tomorrow, the holiday house. I didn't have time to any other day, because it was my last week of school for the year, and I had tons of final exams and other really important shtufff.
I graduated with a 4.6, and I thought that was pretty good I worked my ass off this year at school! And now, I got to enjoy the summer.
My phone rang, and I saw it was Liam. Without doubt, I answered it.
"Hello?", I said.
"Hey!", he responded.
"Do you...need something?", I replied.
"Well concidering I haven't really seen you in over a week, and your house is really closer to the airports...can I come over?", he asked me. Then it hit me, he was right, yah we texted and called every night, we haven't seen eachother in so long since I was really busy with school and work...
"Please do come over!", I said and he sounded excited.
"I'll be right over, my love"
"Alright baby, just come right in im in my room packing for tomorrow", I told him.
"Wait, did you eat dinner yet?", I asked.
"", I said.
"Okay good, because I was gonna pick something up for us", he explained.
"Okay sounds great to me! See you soon" I said.
"Alright love you" he replied.
"Love you too, bye", I told him.  
He responded with a quick "bye", then we both hung up.
I continued to pack, and then felt warm arms wrapped around my waist and little kisses on my neck.
"Guess who?", the voice said, which from anywhere I'd know it was Liam!
"Not my boyfriend", I said and he laughed, spinning me around. 
The second my eyes met his face, I pulled it closer to me and kissed him like I meant it. 
When we finally pulled away before it went any further, Liam said "are you hungry cus I'm starving". 
"Yeah I'm really hungry babe, but weren't you bringing food?", I said and he laughed.
"Yah I brought Chinese it's on the table", he said taking my hand and leading me to the kitchen.
"Thank you, Liam", I said and he nodded taking out two paper plates.
"Anything for you my love".
"Tables are overrated I wanna have a picnic", he said and I laughed, kissing him.
"Yah okay babe I'll go get a blanket or something and he watched me walk away.
I came back out with a blanket he helped me lay on the floor. 
We sat down, bringing the food carefully down there and began to eat.
"I have a question Brooklyn", Liam started. "Did you tell your family about us?".
"No....I mean I haven't really talked to them in that long"...(my family all lives in the United States but I moved to England to stay with my aunt, who when I moved out and moved in with Liam, moved to the United States like everyone else). "...but I'll tell them next time I talk to any of them, probably my sister", I told him and he smiled a little.
"Oh, well I told my family a few days mum said 'Im pleased you are finally back with her, but oh if I were here I wouldn't have taken you back' ", Liam told me.
"I love your mom!", I said and he laughed.
"And she loooooves you. When she heard we broke up...she was so mad at me to the point of not talking and if she did it wasn't nice", He said.
"Well not me. She called me almost everyday to apologize for you and said I was still part of the family no matter what and everything for awhile", I told him.
"Yah she deffinentley loves you babe", He said and I smiled.
"I mean, who doesn't?!", I said.
All he could do was smile. When I finshed eating, he said "did you realize that the paparatzi know we're back together and it's all over the news...your family probably already knows", He explained.
"Bet you they don't, bet you they think its a rumor. My mother told me to not get back with you, she did so did my father...but my aunt well she said "he's a good boy"...and my sisters all agreed", I replied. 
"So you don't think your parents will be happy?", he questioned.
"Let's just'll take some time to sink in for them. So initially, no but in a few months they'll get used to the idea and be fine", I assured him.
"Okay, I just want everyone to be good with, well us", he told me giving me a big hug.
"Liam were not gonna please everyone. You know I'm already getting crap on twitter, instagram and Facebook. I'm pretty sure you are too but it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks as long as we're happy right?", I said and he totally agreed I could tell by the look on his face.
"Okay I've got to get back to packing", I said.
"Alright Brooklynn!", he said following me into my room, closing my door and plopping on my bed.
"You won't even know I'm here", he said turning on the tv as I turned off my music.
"That's hard to believe", I said.

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