Only mine<3

Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


3. I'm in control now ;)

 "The thing is...I, I really don't have a good reason okay I was stupid and i hate myself for not even giving you a reason, but I fucking hate myself even more for even leaving...for falling for someone else just because we got into a huge ass fight caused by me, and I was thinking about what it was like with Danielle...the thing Is she even yelled at me and wouldn't talk to me because the way I was treating you. I guess the main thing I can say was I wasn't aware of what was right in front of me until it was gone for good, and I know it's too much to ask of you,  but will you take me back? Damn, I will prove to you that I will be a better boyfriend then I was before, and I love you so fucking much", he replied, he swore a lot when he was drunk but so do i. 
That did it for me! And before i knew it, his lips were pressed to mine and I had a feeling they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.  
After we finished our hot make out session, my phone rang and seeing it was Demi, "oh shit" was the only thing that came to mind. 

"Oh I' Liam's", I said. 
"Wait......WHAT?", she said.
"Yah it's a long story I'll catch you guys up later, but um we're trying to figure our shit out and yahh", I said. 
"Oh that's great, but baby girl don't get hurt again okay?", she said. 
"Okay, love you Demi", I said. 
"Love you more if you need anything, baby call me", she said and i smiled. 
"Alright, byeeee", I said hanging up.

"Okay listen to me...I wanna be in control this time Liam", I exclaimed. 
"That sounded really sexual didn't it?", I added in.
"Yes yes it did, but what did you mean by that?", he responded.
"I meant...well in order for me to take you back you've gotta earn it babe", I told him.
"Whaddya mean by that?", He responded.  
"I guess you've just got to figure that one out on your own", I said winking at him.
"Damn do I now?", he replied winking back. 
"Can I get you outta that dress, or are you gonna keep turning me on like that all night, god it's not fair", he said.
"No but you can watch me take off the dress by myself just so I can torture you even more", I said. 
We headed into his room, and I slipped the dress over my head.
"Let me help you with that", he said unhooking my bra and flinging it to the ground. 
"Hand me a t shirt", I said trying to cover myself up. 
"Okay and babe it's not like I haven't seen you naked before", He said grabbing a shirt out of his dresser and handing it to me.  I slipped it on over my head, and it fell just a few inches below my knees. 

I laid down in his bed a few minutes later and quickly fell asleep.


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