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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


12. I don't know

He laid me down on the bed, and covered me up. Next, my lovely boyfriend got me a cold rag for my head and gently handed it to me with a glass of water and a handful of pills to take. Pain reliever, flu, something for hangover..all that shit.

Then, Liam elevated my ankle and iced it. "How are you feeling?", he asked me.
."To be honest, awful!", I said and he sighed.
"Im sorry baby, he said kissing me, then turning the lights off and laying down next to me as I tried very hard to fall asleep.   I woke up a few hours later sweating to death with a horrible headache and the sudden urge to rush to the bathroom and puke my brains out.  The only good thing was my ankle, I realized was just fine. I cleaned myself off and went to lay back down when Liam entered the room.
"Feeling any better?", he asked me quietly. 
"No only feeling worse Liam", I said.  
"Awe im sorry. You know what I don't feel too good eith....", he said but stopped to rush to the bathroom and. vomit. Of corse, he was sick too.
"Hung over?", I asked. 
"Yeahhhhhh", he said miserably heading back to the bed next to me. I snuggled up to him feeling miserable too and tried to fall back asleep again but was interrupted by a knock on the
. "Come in", Liam said softly just sounding horrible.  I felt the same way, though.  It was Perrie and Zayn.
 "You both look awful?", said Zayn. 
"Well nice to see you too", I said and he laughed a little. 
"Whats the matter babes?", Perrie said taking one of my hands in hers, and Zayn patted Liam on the head.  
"Hang over, and overall I just feel horrible", I said and Liam sighed in agreement.
"Shit, how much did you guys drink last night? You were sooo wasted its not even funny", Zayn implied. 
"I don't even remember a thing from last night, only fucking Brooklynn harder than ever before...", Liam responded. 
"Realllllllllly Liam!", I said and he blushed a little.
 "We all heard that", Perrie remarked and it made me laugh a bit. 
"Oh my fucking god............", Zayn said giving Perrie a look. 
"What is it?, Liam asked and Perrie fidgeted with her engagement ring.
 " look for yourself", Zayn responded showing Liam his phone.
"Click the link and", he said quietly.
"Nuuuuuh-uhhhh!!!!", I yelled.
"How may views has this got?", he asked.
"Just over two million and its all over the damn internet you know", Perrie said not helping whatsoever. It was a video of me grinding on Liam and then us doing shots and making the corner and doing other things too.  I didn't remember any of this and I sure as hell didn't want the whole world to never forget it!  I was almost certain all of my family and friends had  already seen this, and knew I was screwed. 
Almost on que, I got a call from my mom. "Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit", I mumbled then answered.  Zayn took his phone back, and left with Perrie closing the door tightly.
"Hello Brooklynn", she said sternly.
"Hi mother", I responded.
"I haven't talked to you in awhile.  how are you doing dear?", she asked sounding almost like a good mom.
"Oh im doing good, thank you. How about yourself?", I questioned.
"Im doing okay, what's new with you? Anything you want to tell me..?", she questioned.
I knew she knew; how could she not?
"Oh, well the thing is..", I started then stopped myself.
"No keep going", she replied.
"Okay me and Liam are back together mom",  I said.
"You're whattttttt? Well I should've figured by the looks of that video", she said going off.
"Mom, its MY choice okay.  Im an adult", I replied.
"What did you just say to me?", she demanded.
"that im a fucking adult....adults can swear if they want to.  Adults can date whoever they want to", I replied.
"You are only 19, Brooklynn and I don't care how old you are you may not talk to your mother like that", she said.
"Why are you always so controlling? I can live my life, alright?", I yelled.
"Calm down, calm down.  All I      fwant to know is why, why the hell would you be stupid enough to take him back?", she asked.
"That's the only reason you called me isn't it? You don't care how im doing you really don't, you just want to be right and take control of every little thing and you know what? I'm fucking sick of it, okay!", I screamed.
"Okay, Im sorry you feel that way, but I still am your mother. You told me you weren't gonna take him back...", she replied.
"I realize that, but it's different now. Im older, I'm in college and everything and I really love him, okay", I responded.
"Trust me, with everything I know about everything, I think it's best if you just end things. Find someone else who's always there...", she started but I interrupted her.
 "Hell no, why would I take relationship advice from you?! All you and dad ever do is fight constantly I don't want a relationship like that..ever! And you wonder why I got the hell out of there the second I found out I had an aunt out of the country, to get away from that!", I told her.
 "BROOKLYNN, Im telling you as your mother he's no good. If you decide to keep him, he's not welcome okay", She said sternly. 

 "Brooklynn, I..I can't do this to you. I can't make you tear apart your family just for me, baby. I love you too much and I just want you to be happy. Maybe it's better if we..", he started but I didn't want to hear it. I kissed him hard on the lips. 
"No no, don't even say that Liam! I love you with everything, and maybe that isn't good enough to anybody else, but to me it's more than enough. We belong together otherwise...we wouldn't be together right now. I don't care what everybody else thinks, fuck them!", I said and he kissed me back with more passion then before. I kissed back, and we pulled away when we heard a knock on the door.    
 "Come in Louis", I said. "How'd you know it was me?", he replied.
 "Cus I can tell!", i said and he laughed entering the room. 
 "Are you guys feeling better?", he asked. "Oh yah we are, thanks!", Liam responded squeezing my hand.  
"Cool, cus Niall and Zayn went and got all this food for dinner, and we were wondering if you were up for it?", he replied. 
"Oh sounds great!", I told him. 
"Yah, we'll be there in a few!", Liam said and Louis nodded, exiting the room.
We got up, and I said "Liam i need a hug!"
He wrapped his arms around me, and held me tight. When he finally let got, he took my hand and lead me to the kitchen by everyone else. 
Demi gave me a big hug. "Do you feel better?", she asked me.
 "Much better!", I replied.
 "That's good, she said.  
"Oh yah, I was so hung over I think that's what my problem was", I told her.
 "I was hungover too, but not nearly as bad as you were", she responded and I couldn't help but laugh.
  "I've seriously never been that drunk...ever", I replied making her laugh. 
"Well, we all have those moments babe", she said. Demi always gave the best advice. Then, I made myself a plate from the never-ending display.  
"Damn, how much did you buy? I swear the grocery store went outta fucking business, or you ran out of money", Harry said. 
"I was thinking the same thing!", I said and Harry high fived me. 
"This is why were never gonna let Niall go food shopping again...ever!", Demi said and he frowned. 
"It was Zayn too, I bet babe!", Perrie said making me laugh. 
"No it was all Niall's fault", Zayn joked.  


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