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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


8. Bikini tops and pizza

Before long, we had arrived!
Liam and I started unpacking things in the room we would both be staying in.

Then, Demi busted in and said "hey we're all putting our suits on to go swimming y'all in?".
"Yah were in!", I said and Demi smiled at me as she closed the door shut.
I went in my luggage and pulled out the first suit I could find- a pink striped string bikini from Victorias Secret.
Liam pulled out a pair of trunks, and we both started to change.
"Hey baby can you tie my suit?", I asked him not realizing he was well..naked.
"Uhm yah just gimme a second!", he said slipping the trunks on them tying up my bikini top.
I slipped into a swim cover, and Liam put a tank top on quickly and we were all out the door!  
The beach was litterly twenty feet, not even in front of the house, so it didn't even take more than a couple seconds to get there. 
Liam slipped my swim cover off of me, and I ripped his tank top off of him.
Then, everyone headed straight for the water.
Liam and I splashed each other for a little bit, and then fooled around in the water for a bit. It was ice cold!
"Hey who wants to play water volleyball?", Zayn announced.
"Wellll, me and El are cold sooo we'll watch", Perrie said grabbing Eleanor as they ran for the shore.
"Everyone else is in!", I said and unanimously, everybody agreed. We got into a huge circle, and just started bumping it back and forth.
Once, Harry spiked the ball so hard it hit me, then bounced off of me, so I dove in after it.
When I came back, I jumped up to serve the ball, and didn't even realize I had lost my suit top....
The first ones to actually realize were Demi and Zayn, at the same time.
"Brooklynn, your top...", they both said and at first I froze not knowing what they were saying then felt Liam wrap his arms tightly around me doing his best to cover my chest.
I was so embarrassed, not about Demi or anything, but about all the boys that saw...they all did..
Demi handed Liam my top, and very quickly tied it on me. Harry gave me this look that made me feel uncomfortable.
"You know what you boys go ahead and play, me and Brooklynn are gonna go sit on the shore right Babe?", Demi said and I thanked god she came up with that idea.

(Liam's pov)
"Daaaamnnn Liam you're lucky!", Harry told me as the girls walked away.
"Harry...stop!", I said.
"Awe it's okay we're all mates here its not a big deal okay?", he responded.
"We'll it's a big deal for me. My girlfriends body is for my eyes only!",  he said.
"She's the one who took her top off...", Harry said.
"No she didn't it fell off...there's a difference and you shouldn't have been staring anyways!", I told him.
"Like you wouldn't have been? She has nice boobs, okay and I'm a boy...I find that attractive...", Harry testified.
"Yes I understand that, but not on MY GIRL! AND HOW COULD YOU EVEN SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?", I said, furious now and everyone could tell even the girls who were all the way on shore. Brooklynn looked really embarrassed still and I felt bad.
"Yah Harry that really wasn't cool man!", Zayn said. "I wouldn't want any of you saying that about my Perrie!"
"Yah I agree", Niall and Louis both said and with that I walked away towards my girl.

(Brooklynn's pov)

"Yah and Harry was totally starting", Demi said.
"I know, but was anybody else?", I asked.
"Well Brooklynn honey, everybody saw them, but nobody else was looking at it that way", Demi assured me and then I saw Liam walking towards me.
"Let's get outta here..before I kill Harry", he said under his breath.
"Babe what happened?", I asked.
"I'll tell you later, just come with me Brooklynn!", he demanded.
"Okay alright!", I said and waved goodbye to the girls as Liam directed me towards the house.
"Can't even see the sunset now", I complained.
"I promise you you can see it every other night, but I need to completely get away from everything", he told me.
"That sounded really sexual", I responded.
"Take it how you want it...", he replied quickly.
"Now tell me what really happened?", I said.  "I mean after I walked away"
"Oh well, what happened was I was protecting you...", he said.
"Awe Liam, you didn't have to fight with one of your best mates about me", I told him as we entered the house and walked straight to our room, sitting down on the bed.
"Yes I did Brooklynn, he was saying things and", he partially stated.
"Like what...was he saying?", I asked.
"How he thought your you know what's were attractive and like turns him on or something, I really don't remember exactly but it was enough to make me really upset and all I wanted to do was..", he was interrupted by a kiss on the lips from me.
"Mmmm that made me feel better", he said as I wrapped my arms around him and positioned myself in his lap; facing him though and he started to kiss me over and over again, rubbing his hands up and down my back. The kisses started to get more aggressive, but as we heard a knock on the door everything stopped.
"Bad timing", Liam whispered.
I agreed, and that made me laugh.
"Who is it?", Liam finally asked.
"It' Harry...", the voice hesitantly said.
"Well Harry I don't even want to talk to you right now so you miss well just..", Liam started but I interrupted him.
"What do you want, Harry?", I asked.
"Nothing...well I was just gonna apooogize, but I mean if Liam doesn't want to talk to me and I can see why, I can just..leave", he said. 
"No Harry, you can come in", I responded. Liam bit his lip.
"Are you sure it's okay with...?", He started but was interrupted by me again.  "Just come in before I change my mind!!"
"Okay okay", he said and opened the door slowly.
"Listen, Liam I'm very sorry for what I said. I know I was wrong, okay!", he exclaimed. "But the one who truly deserves an apology is...Brooklynn. Brooklynn, I'm truly sorry for taking advantage of you like that. I understand that you are all Liam's it's just hard sometimes because....I've always been attracted to you, but I need to just let that go", he said and I gave him a hug.
"Thanks Harry?", I said, more in the form of a question.
Then Liam gave him a hug, saying "one more time, if you do something like this one more time ill beat the living shit out of you!"
Then Harry left the room.
"Attracted to me wtf?", I murmured.
Thank god Liam didn't hear that.
"Um I'm kinda hungry babe", I said.
"Yah me too, whaddya say we get dressed and then eat something?", he said.
"Sounds great, but I kinda wanted to shower first", I said.
"Oh okay, well you go do that love", he said and I got out of my swimsuit and was welcomed by the warm shower. A few minutes later, after I was finished shampooing my hair, I felt Liam slip in behind me. 
I kissed him, and made him wash me. I know Liam enjoyed it, but he liked it even more when I washed him. We rinsed off, i put conditioner in my hair then washed it out, and stood under the water with him for a little bit longer, then stepped out and dried off.
I threw on some lounge pants and a sports bra, while Liam just threw on a pair of sweatpants. 
Then, hand in hand we headed towards the kitchen.
"We just ordered pizza it should be here soon!", Perrie yelled.
"Eeeek were twinning come here babe!", she said next. I headed over towards Perrie on the sofa, and saw we were wearing the same sports bras, mine was bigger though, and the same pj pants just of different colors.
"Oh my god you're right! We have to take a picture", I said.
"That's my girl! Zaynnnnnnn, bring me my phone please baby!", she exclaimed.  
"Here you go love!", he said handing it to her. 
"Thanks, okay now lets take them pictures", she said which made me laugh.
I sat down on the sofa next to her, and we took tons of pictures. Then, she said to Niall who was sitting right there anxiously waiting for the pizza, "can you take a full body of us please?".
"If I have to", he joked taking a couple.
"Thanks!", I said hugging him.
"You have to send me the good ones!", I said. 
"But of corse!", she said and I laughed.
The doorbell rang, and Niall sprinted towards the door.
"Hello that will be $90.50", the delivery guy said and Niall nodded handing over the money while Zayn and Liam helped Niall carry all the pizzas.
Niall tried taking one whole pizza for himself, but Demi yelled at him for that.
"I'm gonna eat more than a whole pizza anyways", he complained.
"I find that really easy to believe", Perrie replied while I grabbed some pizza and since there wasn't really enough seats, sat on Liam's lap.              

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