A perfect moment (a Harry and Niall fan fiction)

One normal family, two normal teenager, one cafe, one song, one miracle. If you want to now what would happen please read the book! P.S. no hate please it's my first movella!!


2. the audition

Naomy pov.

The audition is today and I'm freaking out, I am so stress out that I don't know what to do. I decide to cheque on my phone to see what time it was and O.M.G it's 9o'clock and our audition is at 10 O.O I ran Quick on the shower and in 10min I was already out. I was searching for an outfit I wanted something casual that look like me and a littlebit glam. After that I started to do my make up Because even whit my green eye that catch everything I had to do it to Take zero chance. I look at myself on the miroir and I actually look pretty good I look at the phone and saw 9:30 I took my jacket and my boots called everybody name and they took what they need and we were gone.

Ryan's pov.

We were walking to that little caffee and something came into my head, something that nobody had though of. What song will we play?? I stop and every body look at me whit weird face "what's wrong ryan? Dont stop walking we are amost there" said Steven " What song will we play??" I look a them on the eye and they started to freak out Tanya sais that we still need to fo at that we will figure it out on our way. We talk for about 10min Because we didint had Time and decide to do you and I from one direction but our version and so close that was a song Bianca wrote. We arrive there and it has alot more people then I though it would. We got on the stage and start to prépare ourself when I realise a tall men walking over to Naomy and they start talking I wonder what they are talking about?

Naomy pov.

Rupert came to me and we start talking he was really excited! " hey Naomy, ready for today audition? I hope you are because you have to impress me but also a big group today!" " what group are you talking about?" I start to freak out Because i didint Know the group but just by looking at Rupert it was a pretty big group. "One Direction are were!! Eleanor come here to Take her coffee every Time they are in Town and today the boys decided to fallow!" I was there looking at him didint Know what to say. He want us to play in front of one direction the biggest band of the planet. I was just praying that everything will be good. We start the show it was really silent in the room everybody listen to what I say. " Hey everybody my name is Naomy and we are the group family! I will start to present everybody so you can Know us more." Everybody stare at me and Rupert was pretty happy that we intruduce ourself before starting the song´s. " here is Ryan at the drum, this is Steven at the guitard, there is Bianca at the piano, this is Tanya at the guitard to and me who sing!" Everybody clap in there hand after I present everybody. We start our first song who was so close the song that Bianca wrote few mouth ago. They were all claping at the end of the song so we dis our last one who was you and I from one direction I was praying that they would like it. It is just so Much love we had from the people there they were all claping we are really happy of our performance just to Know if Rupert is and one direction.

Rupert pov.

I am really impress by the group but I want to Know what Eleanor and the boys think. I went at the table and we start to talk. "So guys what do you think of the group?" I was a little bit nervous about what they would say. "Actually I really like them they make good song and when they take other song they make it like it was there song!" Liam was right they make it like that and all the boys were all whit Liam. When I was about to leave Harry ask me a question that I never though we would ask me. "The little singer whit the beautiful Face was is her name?" All the boys look at Harry and Harry look at me I just said "Naomy". I walk over them and told them that they had the job Naomy jump in my arm and was just saying thank you, I was laughing.

Naomy pov.

I can't believe was is happening we were all so happy to have the job. I was already impatiente to come back and really work. We were living when i remember that I forgot my cellulare phone so I run back in and grab it. I turn around end when I was about to leave somebody tap on my shoulder I turn around and saw...

Author note.

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this chapter like it if you like it our put it in your favorite! If you have idea for the other chapter live it down! Hope you have a good summer!

Love xxx

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