A perfect moment (a Harry and Niall fan fiction)

One normal family, two normal teenager, one cafe, one song, one miracle. If you want to now what would happen please read the book! P.S. no hate please it's my first movella!!


3. him

I turn arond and saw those beautiful Green eyes, his perfect Brown curly hair and that beautiful smile that he has. He was just looking at me and after 2min he finaly sais something "Hy im Harry" and he gave me his hand for shacking it. I just took it and say "im Naomy" and smiled at him. When we séparate our hands i was looking around where my cellulare could be. "Your surching for something?" "Yeah, Forget my cell phone" he just put his hand in his pocket and gave me my cellphone. "Thank you" and he just replie by saying "welcome, just call me if you need something" he winked at me and got to his table and I turn around really confused.

I arrives home Tanya was making souper and i just went diracly to my bedroom. I open my iPhone and saw this: THE CUTE GUY WHO FOUND YOUR PHONE <3. I look at the new contact that i have and i have the phone number and the email of the person who was Harry.

After souper, i went in the living room whit everybody watching Tv when a heard a bizzz. I open my phone and he was texting me so i just replied until one question. "While you come whit me tomorow?" And i replied....

Ok so Sorry for the short chapter if you have ideas leave it in the commente section and what do you think she will do? Love yall xxx

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