A perfect moment (a Harry and Niall fan fiction)

One normal family, two normal teenager, one cafe, one song, one miracle. If you want to now what would happen please read the book! P.S. no hate please it's my first movella!!


1. Hi!

Hi! My name is Naomy im 16 and im from Pittsburgh but I move to Chicago with my cousin's Steven, Ryan, Tanya and Bianca. I had a big family who just live for money and don't care about anything, that the reason why me and my cousin's all move from there. We didin't take money from our parents we just put our stuff in steven's car and drive till we find the place and of corse we find Chicago. When we arrive there we didin't have a house or food but we just drive on the road till we have see it. That little blue house all alone whit no buddy in it we new that was the house we wanted so we just walk in and it was just perfect for sure we need to do some work in it but it will be perfect.

*2 week later*

I decide to go for a walk to see new people and every one of us need a job so I would go see and wish for finding one. I take the new paper and see that not to long away from or house have a little cafe  and that the need a band on weekend and 3 time a week so I decide to go take a look when I arrive it was a nice little cafe with a little stage and a very happy people so I decide do go and ask if I could talk to the boss. ''Hi, my name is Naomy can I talk to the boss please?'' ''Hi, my name is Julianna and i well go ask him is it for the band job?'' '''yes me and my cousin's are a band and we really need a job!'' ''ok wait here two second I will tell you when you can go'' ''thanks'' ''your welcome'' not so long after she came to me and drive me to the boss office he was a tall men with dark brown hair and brown/green eye ''Hi, my name is Rupert! So youre here for the band job Julianna told me'' ''yes!! My name is Naomy and me and my cousin's our a band call Faith we do song that we rite and other popular song to and we would love working here it's just so a happy place'' ''I think that you are a very good girl Naomy so I would give you youre chance so come tomorow with your band at 10 AM and play 2song in front of me and Julianna my assistante and if we like it you can work but if you faild it well be harder to find a job here so you must be good and are you ready for it?'' ''yes I am thank you and I will see you tomorow'' with that I just leave the room and start too walk back home when I arrive a saw Tanya and Bianca preparing Dinner and Steven and Ryan relaxing on the old gray sofa.'' Hi guy's im home with a big new's for you guy's'' What is it Naomy?'' Steven ask ''We have a job but we need to past the test before and it's a group job in a cafee!!'' ''YEAHHH!!!!'' Tanya was screaming and jump in my arm so did the 3 other. I am so excited for tommorow morning I hope he like it and that we would have the jobs because of course we need a job but also because music is or passion and that is the things we all want to do in our life.



Hope you  guy's likes it I now it's just the first chapter so give it a chance and I will update later today!! so if you like it like and if you realy like it favorit it :) bye!!

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