The man and the moon

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2013
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Endymion is a lonely shepherd who, when he first lays eyes on the goddess Selene, falls instantly in love. But can the mortal and the goddess ever be together? Or will mortality break them apart...


4. The Cave


I don't know how long we stand there, lost in each others eyes. She looks at me like a newborn baby looks at it's mother. With curiosity and love. Is it love? Am I imagining the calmed, peaceful look that spread across her face when she saw me, and the happiness that soon followed. I thought she would run from me! But she remains. And we drink each other in. Slowly, as if in a trance, I stand up, never losing my gaze. My heart is thumping in my chest as I walk around the boulders and approach her. I can hear her breath now, short and hard, like gasps. I swear I can hear a thump-thump, thump-thump of an excited heart. She takes one small step towards me and her shimmering glow sweeps around me, encasing me like a wondrous cocoon. I am less than one step away from her now and she continues to gaze at me. I can smell her now, and she smells like fresh dew in the morning, and sugar and honey and something else, something I cannot name. But, if you can imagine it, she smells like moonbeams, light, shimmering and silver. Her smells waft around me and I breath faster. I want to touch her, for she still seems like she belongs in a dream. Carefully, not wanting to startle her, I slowly raise my arm and extend my fingers, reaching out for her long, silver and black waves. I look for some sign of discomfort at this in her eyes, but she shows nothing, only wonder and love. I gently brush her hair with my fingers and it is like clouds. I feel my hand melt into her hair. It is soft and makes my fingers tingle with it's warmth. I smile a shaky smile and, with my other arm, trace the outline of her body through her dress, which is like water, it runs through my fingers, pearly white. She is warm, so much warmer than I had imagined. My hand, still lost in her hair, finds her neck and with my thumb, I stroke her collar bone, then those beautiful cheeks, that are smooth and the glitter sparkles on. Breathlessly I whisper,

“You are perfect.” At the sound of my voice, her body relaxes slightly and she smiles, her whole face and body lighting up and shining brighter as she smiles and smiles, her teeth whiter than fresh snow. My hands wrap themselves around her tiny body and I feel her shoulder blades through her dress. Slowly, tentatively, she puts her arms around my neck and her hands are tingling with warmth. Her fingers wrap themselves around the curls at the nape of my neck and slowly, we begin to dance. We don't know we are doing it, we just begin to sway. For the first time, she breaks our gaze and closes her eyes, as if in bliss. We begin to move in a slow circle. I move my hands up to below her armpits and lift her. She is so light, she weighs almost nothing. She opens her eyes and tilts her head to look at the stars. I spin her round and round, marveling at the way her slim body arches in the air. She is shining so brightly now, and as I let go of her, she stays afloat, suspended in the air. I hear her speak, and her voice is soft and warm.

“I love you, stranger.” And her words cause me to grab her waist and pull her back down to me. She looks at me again and I lean in and kiss her gently on her lips. And they are warm. And I feel myself fill with her glow.



His kiss is so hot, his lips burning with mortality. I lose myself in him, and know he is shining with me. I wrap my arms around him and pull him tight to me. In less than an hour, my life has changed and I am no longer Selene, the lonely moon goddess, I am this. I am loved. And it doesn't matter who I am anymore, for I am his, and that is enough for me. We kiss for what seems like hours and I feel myself glowing more and more every second. When we eventually break away, I look into his eyes and see there, elation, desire and happiness.

“Who are you, stranger?” I ask, breathless. He smiles and kisses me gently again.

“I am yours, oh goddess, I am no more Endymion, I am all yours.” I laugh and we kiss again.

“I am Selene, although that no longer matter's, for I am yours also Endymion, I am all yours.”

I love you, Selene, you have danced in my dreams for so long and now you are here with me, and I never want this moment to end.” His voice is low and I kiss him again, feeling tears of joy slip from the corners of my eyes. We break apart and he lifts me again in his arms and carries me like a mother would carry an infant into the cave near the trees. There he lays me down and kisses me again. I know what he wants and I want it too. So, slowly, I give myself to him and we lay in each others arms until he falls asleep. I watch him sleep, wishing I could join him in his dreams. He is so beautiful. But I know now that both of our lives have changed forever and nothing can ever be the same again. And I also know that he will one day be old, and will have to die one day, and then I shall be left eternally alone. For I know now that he has become my sole reason for existing and I love him more than anything. But I cannot let him die one day.

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