The man and the moon

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2013
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Endymion is a lonely shepherd who, when he first lays eyes on the goddess Selene, falls instantly in love. But can the mortal and the goddess ever be together? Or will mortality break them apart...


2. Is it love?


Sometimes I wish I could run away from this life. My father is the king of the gods. My father is the most powerful being in the universe, and I am his son. But what does that mean anymore? I am stuck on earth, tending farm animals. Is this what Zeus wants for his son? He hasn't even spoken to me in years. Every night I pray to him, ask him for something to make my life worth living. But he never answers. I don't know if I can take this repetitive life for much longer. My dreams are the only place I can escape. I disappear inside my dreams. I live for nights, not for days. My moon goddess is in every dream now. Sometimes she kisses me. Her lips are cold and icy, like snow. But sometimes she runs from me, screaming. I never know what to do when that happens. What does all this mean? Is this a sign from my father that I should talk to the moon? Is there even a moon goddess? Maybe all of this is just my imagination. I know. Tonight, I shall watch the moon from Mount Latmus. It is the best place to see the moon. I will find my goddess.


The sheep are asleep in their pen. It is sunset. Silently, so as not to wake them, I leave my camp and begin my walk up Mount Latmus. It is a long walk, and by the time I reach the summit, it is twilight. I find a tree and climb up it's wide, worn branches until I am in the leaves. I wait, and I watch. Slowly, as though appearing from the shadows, I see a shape begin to form. The shape of a woman. I can hardly believe it! Is this my moon goddess? Is she real? Excitedly I clasp the branches tight in my hand, not caring when splinters push into my skin causing blood to seep out like poppies in a field of wheat. The moon is full tonight, and the figure begins to form, slowly but gracefully, like a breath taking painting. But, there she is. At last. Such beauty. She stands on the hill, her curls trimmed with moonlight. Her hair is dark, but streaked with silver and in the wind, it ripples like the sea. I grip tighter, my eyes drinking in her loveliness. Her eyes are silver, and I can see the stars dancing within the inky frames of her eyelashes. She is pale and her skin glows. I want to get closer, but I dare not. If she sees me, she will surely scream and flee. I feel something twist in the pit of my stomach. My heart pounds in my chest and I realise in that moment that I want nothing more in the world than to watch her forever. My life is no longer is meaningless.



I think I am mad. Daylight is breaking and all night, I have seen faces in the trees, heavenly faces. Mostly, the face of a man, or maybe a boy. Youthful but with the marks of manhood, a slight shadow of stubble and broad features. I must be out of my mind. For no mortal may stare at me and not be blinded. I shall watch the skies today for this face, for it is haunting me. His eyes were piercing, dark like shadows but with a twinkle like a falling star. His brow was heavy and he looked unhappy, like he was lost within himself. But he stared at me like I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I wonder if he was real, or just my imagination feeding off the shadows. Tonight I shall look for him again. And if I see him, I shall speak to him,ask him his name. I want him to be real so very much. I can hardly wait for tonight. Maybe he won't come again. I hope he does. More than anything in the universe, I hope I see him again.

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