The man and the moon

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Endymion is a lonely shepherd who, when he first lays eyes on the goddess Selene, falls instantly in love. But can the mortal and the goddess ever be together? Or will mortality break them apart...


6. Epilogue



Every night since I have entered Endymion's dreams and we have kissed and run through meadows together and ridden across the sky on shooting stars. The first night, I was scared it wouldn't be the same, that seeing Endymion asleep never to wake again would make me break down and cry, that he would be different in his dreams, but he was the same in his dreams as he was when I first met him and holding him and kissing him was like reality. We spent many hours together in the cave in his dreams, and when the sun rose in the east, I left him and returned to Mount Olympus. And since, we have had fifty daughters, each more beautiful than the last. I wish they could meet him, but because he never met them, they are never in his dreams. That is the one thing I cry for. That he will never hold his daughters, never see how beautiful they are. He still sleeps in the cave, but we have made him a bed and kept him safe from animals. His daughters visit him ever day and talk to him, in the hope he will hear and they too can visit his dreams. Maybe one day soon he will dream of our children, and they can meet their father. But, for now, I am the only thing he ever thinks of and we dance forever in the silver light of the stars.



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