The man and the moon

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Endymion is a lonely shepherd who, when he first lays eyes on the goddess Selene, falls instantly in love. But can the mortal and the goddess ever be together? Or will mortality break them apart...


1. Dreams


Last night I dreamed a dream. It was about the moon. And she was lovely. Moonshine cascaded from her glowing curls and the stars played in her eyes. Her long, silver dress whipped up in the wind and she smiled with teeth of pearls. She reached out for me, she said my name. But, like I said, it was just a dream. And when I woke, the sun was beating down on me and I was alone. Again. Well, except for my sheep.



If only I could dream. How I wish I could lose myself in the world inside my head, where beautiful river nymphs dance around me and I can play in the sunlight. But I am burdened by immortality in the darkness. How I wish this could change. How I wish my life could be influenced by something or...someone. For eons, my life has been shining, shining, spreading my silver glow around the shadows. But I am tired of shining. I want to sparkle. Not with the light of the moon. But with love. I watch as maidens fall in love, how handsome men lose their minds over beautiful women. But I can only watch. All alone. Always.

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