The man and the moon

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2013
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Endymion is a lonely shepherd who, when he first lays eyes on the goddess Selene, falls instantly in love. But can the mortal and the goddess ever be together? Or will mortality break them apart...


5. A deal with Zeus

I stroke his cheek and kiss him. He stirs in his dreams but I shush him back into sleep. Slowly, I get up from the cave, knowing there is nothing more I want than him forever. So, I run from the cave and fly to the king of the gods, where he lays on his great bed in the sky, watching the world below.

“Ah, the beautiful Selene. Why aren't you down there shining?” He chuckles and gives me a look that I know is dangerous, for if Zeus looks at you with desire, you have no choice but to do as he asks.

I am in love with your son, Endymion. I want nothing more in the world than to spend eternity with him. But he is mortal and I know that some day, he will die and leave me all alone. And I don't think I will be able to shine if he is dead.” As I say these words, I realise that without him I really wouldn't be able to live. Every day I spent without him has blurred into a vague memory now. Zeus smiles and lets out a bellowing laugh.

“Ah, Endymion, he is a handsome lad. Alright then, Selene, you are far too young and beautiful to be lonely. I shall cast Endymion into an eternal sleep. You shall be able to enter him dreams and be with him that way. You shall have this Endymion forever, I promise.” At first, fear floods me. What? So he cannot hold me or be with me as he has today? But then I think of how much I long to dream, to lose myself in a world inside of me, and being inside Endymion's dreams is something I now realise I want very much indeed. So I kiss Zeus on the cheek and ask him that we might have the rest of this night together and that he will fall asleep tomorrow, which he agrees to with a hearty laugh.


“Endymion, wake up, my love!” I shake him awake. He stirs and looks up at me with sleepy but adoring eyes.

“Hello my beauty, what is it?” I am just about to tell him, then I stop. If I tell him, he may not dream of me, but of living. And would he be upset? No, it is best that I don't tell him. We shall enjoy tonight then tomorrow he shall no nothing about it.



She is the most incredible thing in the world. I love her more completely with every passing moment. Kissing her was like a man dying of thirst drinking from a river, I couldn't get enough. When I took her into the cave, I was full of desire, but when I laid her down and she looked at me with such love, that all my desire melted away and I did not care if we just spent the night in an embrace, talking of our love. But we didn't. I think she thought the same as I, but we both are in love and I do want her. I was scared of hurting her, but I didn't. She is so beautiful, and afterwards, we laid together, our bodies intertwining, and told each other marvelous stories, until I fell asleep. Now, she has woken me again and I can see the longing in her eyes. We passed the hours until morning together, kissing and always in an embrace. When the first streaks of orange appear on the horizon, I feel her begin to wane, she stops glowing and becomes slightly less clear, like she is being rubbed away. She begins to cry and her tears are white and roll off her face like pearls.

“I love you Endymion, I love you. You have given me life. I love you, I love you.” And she kisses me hard on my mouth, wrapping her arms around me tightly. I reach up to hold her too, bewildered at her crying.

“We will see each other tomorrow night, I swear!” She kisses me again and I kiss her back and then, suddenly, I am kissing the air. She is gone. I lay back and close my eyes, my body still tingling from her glowing skin. I close my eyes and drift off into sleep.


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